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Someday in the future, hopefully soon but probably years from now, we will look back with shame and horror at how the majority of people responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. How could we have locked down healthy citizens for months for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate among people under 50? How could we have abused our own children by forcing them to wear masks that do nothing but harm? How could we have forced our children to take a vaccine that does more harm than good for young people?

The historical comparisons to this period in history are myriad. We can look back at the 17th century witch hunts or the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II, 1950s McCarthyism or even 1930s Germany. What is happening to our society has been described as Mass Formation Psychosis, but the easiest way to think of it is a mass cult phenomenon where people lose their ability to think critically because of fear. Remember, germaphobia is still an illness — our society has turned it into an art form.

Check out this guy:

Or this person:

How will history judge what we have done to our children?

The cruel, torturous masking of children

Why are people doing this to the children around them? Why are they adopting nonsensical, hysterical policies? Why are we encouraging fear and allowing it to take over all areas of our lives?

I could go on and on for page after page about the insane policies encouraged by the COVID cult. But one of the worst is the official use of censorship by those in positions of power to prevent any dissent to get out. We are getting a taste of what it was like to live in Communist Soviet Union, Cuba, China or Cambodia. And it is horrific.

The primary architects of the government health policies are all walking in lockstop to censor opposing views.

Yes, mass murderer Anthony Fauci also tried to censor any Unapproved Science.

One of the results is that one of the most knowledgeable people about mRNA vaccine safety has been banned by Twitter. You would think that people interested in Science would encourage robust debate, especially by including people who have worked on mRNA technology for decades, but, no, the inane “fact checkers” at Twitter somehow know more than real experts.

I am very sad to report that Fauci and the medical establishment have succeeded to some extent in suppressing truth regarding the pandemic. I was horrified to read yesterday the comments by Sonia Sotomayor, a Supreme Court justice, who should be among the most informed people in the world. Instead, she may be one of the most ignorant, at least when it comes to the virus.

Justice Sotomayor the ignorant.

This is apparently what the medical establishment today wants: a panicked, germaphobic, ignorant populace eager to ingest whatever new drug is being pushed by Big Pharma and Big Tech. Have you ever stopped to wonder why nobody in the medical establishment ever talks about prevention (taking vitamin D, losing weight, eating less sugar) and instead pushes drugs? If you still don’t believe we are in the middle of one of the greatest worldwide Secret Combinations in history, I don’t know what more to say. But if you have been reading my posts, at least you have been warned.

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6 thoughts on “Today’s reality…in pictures

  1. A partial list of COVID misinformation repeated by the “liberals” on the US Supreme Court :

    •100,000 children in critical care and on ventilators (Sotomayor)
    •Vaccine mandate would prevent 100% of US cases (Breyer)
    •COVID deaths are at an all-time high (Sotomayor)
    •It’s “beyond settled” that vaccines and masks are best way to stop the spread (Kagan)
    •COVID vaccines stop transmission (Kagan)
    •Federal government can mandate vaccines using its police power (Sotomayor)
    •Hospitals are nearing capacity (Sotomayor)
    •Omicron is deadlier than Delta (Sotomayor)
    •Hospitals are full of unvaccinated people (Breyer)

  2. Actually, McCarthyism was good . . trying to get rid of the Communists in government and educational institutions. Because McCarthy was shut down, the Marxists have now taken full control of education at all levels, state government,. every agency in the federal government, and almost the entire judicial system. The Supreme Court is so very corrupt. The FBI is now equivalent to the KGB or Stasi.

    The hard core Marxist Democrats and the Marxist Lite Republicans have destroyed the Constitution, destroyed the country and are now working overtime to finish us off while continuing to rake in millions of dollars off our backs for their personal bank accounts.

  3. The Supreme Court is not the place for scientific debate. Our rights are limited by scientific advances. If some future scientific study shows definitively that interracial marriages create a population that is more susceptible to receive and spread viruses are we to accept that its ok to ban interracial marriages on that principle?

    What if native tribes were shown to produce more viral particles due to generations of immune isolation? Should laws be upheld that required them to always wear masks or remain on the reservation?

    Science and technology is being used to errode constitutional protections.

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