The 38 times Donald Trump condemned racism and white supremacy

What? Is it possible that Donald Trump has condemned racism and white supremacy? Yes, it is. Just look at the evidence here:

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been endorsed by leading white supremacist Richard Spencer and has made many racist comments during his long career as a politician.

Look at the links. Yes, Richard Spencer did indeed endorse Joe Biden and did indeed disavow the Republican party, and yes indeed Joe Biden has made many racist comments during his political career.

See how easy it is to smear other people as racists? What is the reality? Both Biden and Trump are white men in their 70s. They grew up in a different America than we live in today regarding racial prejudice. It is likely they both will say things that are not politically correct today. Most readers probably know people in their wards who are like them.

Have some charity for both presidential candidates — and for the old guy in your ward who may say unfortunate things but meanwhile serves at the temple twice a week and is the first guy to show up for service projects. God loves Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris and Mike Pence — and He also loves the people in your ward who are not politically correct. That is something to ponder as the election comes next week.

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7 thoughts on “The 38 times Donald Trump condemned racism and white supremacy

  1. Geoff,
    thanks so much for such.
    Helpful mutter about matter!
    I feel same flame.
    Wonder how Bookslinger feels about newsreels;
    look forward to his helpful hiss on this.
    The Libs are glib;
    throng of wrong song.
    Our hearts resort to Supreme Court,
    happy about Amy Coney.

  2. I’d also encourage people to look for their own sources when they hear something outlandish on the news. Most of the time the media take things out of context to manipulate their audiences. You got to click thru to the story and read to the end….

  3. Thanks Book, home survived. So thankful. In a previous fire a few years ago, the flames came right up to the back yard and burned our yard palms! (We live on a small hill.)

    Funny thing—weeks ago my wife bought an air purifier (by inspiration?) and we are using it to deal with the smoke in the house. Such drama though: after we got home, fire dept allowed brief access to homes, and I was driving on our access road and looked up, and RIGHT adjacent (40 feet?) was a fire helicopter dumping on a spot fire on a small ridge just above me. It happened so quick I didn’t have time to grab phone to get pic!

    My gosh, what do we yet lack before the end of times? We’ve had tsunamis, volcanoes, wildfires, world pandemics, mass riots, clouds of locusts & murder hornets, and oh—wars.

    Thanks again for asking. I hope you and family also are safe.

  4. In any discussion of “who the racists are” it’s important to remember the Rounders corollary: if you can’t spot it in your first 30 minutes at the table, it’s you.

  5. I liked today’s article in the Deseret News about how Trump’s actions speak louder than his words. I think that saying certainly fits when it comes to racism.

  6. Autumn, that Des News article did not really discuss Trump and racism, but when it comes to that subject, he certainly has a mixed record. On the positive side, he was praised for decades by African-American and Latino leaders in New York as a business leader who helped various unprivileged communities. There are many pictures of Al Sharpton an Jesse Jackson embracing Trump before he became a politician. In addition, there is a LOT of anecdotal information that Trump in his personal dealings remembers the names of his lower level employees and has been very kind to many people of color over the years. I point this out because there is not any evidence that he has been racist in his personal dealings with people. But on the other hand, a lot of his rhetoric, especially recently, has been very unfortunate. I thought the whole birther thing with Pres. Obama was tinged with racism and was completely unnecessary. Trump’s rhetoric regarding the Central Park Five was horrific, in my opinion. Border security could be discussed in a way that does not gin up racial opposition to Mexican-Americans, something that I think Trump has done.

    So, as I say in the OP, Trump is far from perfect on this issue and is reflective of the thoughts and ideas of somebody his age in America. Joe Biden also is reflective of that. I see no evidence personally that Trump is “more racist” than Joe Biden. I see them as pretty similar in that regard.

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