Teachings of Pres Ezra Taft Benson – Kindle version

The Church, so far, only has a PDF version of the new PH/RS manual for 2015. It works great on large screens, but a 7″ tablet isn’t a large screen.  So, I’ve converted it over to Kindle MOBI format for anyone wanting it for their personal use.

It is available here: Pres Benson Manual

Also, I have the 2014 Oct General Conference in a PRC format (early MOBI format) available here: Oct 2014 General Conference.


8 thoughts on “Teachings of Pres Ezra Taft Benson – Kindle version

  1. Brian, for those who have a Kindle reader, they cannot use the app. They need a version in the Kindle format for best use. Right now, The ETB manual is only available online or in PDF format. Hopefully they’ll have it for Amazon download soon. However, the Church is kind of hit and miss with LDS manuals and magazines, when it comes to Kindle.

  2. Pat, not all Kindles support apps. Many Kindles are dedicated readers-only, and don’t run an operating system that allows apps to be installed.

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