Part VI LDS and the Sephardic Connection: Braving the New World: The Lost Colony of Roanoke

During the years 1585–1604,  two mighty world empires, Spain and England,  engaged in a conflict  which was never formally declared as war.   During this conflict, England gained the upper hand and went on  to defeat the great Spanish Armada.  England then strengthened her navy and sought to secure the safety of the Atlantic passage to the Americas.  In 1604, England and Spain negotiated a treaty. England renounced it’s high seas piracy, and both empires agreed to cease military campaigns in France, Spanish Netherlands, and Ireland.   The price of war was heavy as the treasuries of both countries were severely weakened.

With the threat of Spain conquering England; the Sephardic Jews, Conversos and Crypto-Jews in the Netherlands and England  panicked. Taking a similar path of those who were trapped in Spain and Portugal then fleeing to South America;  some English and Dutch Sephardic Jews sought to evade possible  Spanish rule, by  escaping  to North America and a small number to then Dutch controlled Brazil. Over the next 400 years thousands of  openly practicing Sepharidic Jews, Converso/ Crypto Jews, and Moriscoes (Moors)  migrated to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico and what would later become the US and Canada.

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