Culture Change and the 1978 Priesthood Revelation: Memoir of a (Somewhat) Radical White Mormon

The following guest post is from Dr. Warner Woodworth.

Latter-day Saints around the globe recently celebrated the 1978 Church announcement regarding the Priesthood being conferred upon all worthy males. For me it’s a time to pause in gratitude, remember that momentous event, and reflect on the days of struggle many of us, Black and Caucasian, went through to achieve a better, more egalitarian society.  I sat in the tabernacle June 8, 2008 with a group of friends—African Americans, Polynesians, and Africans—as we shared recollections and listened to the program.  One conclusion was that the event wasn’t black enough.  We wanted more jumping up and singing, clapping, and a lot more energy.  Said one, “When are you white Mormons going to break out of your stiff culture and let your hearts soar?”

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