How To Stop Getting Angry: Relaxation Breathing Techniques.


Mom, I’m going to go to Zack’s to play basketball. Is that okay?” Quinton, age fifteen, announced this morning.


I replied, “Quin, you have things to do here at home today, so I don’t think we will have time for friends until another day.”


Quin really wanted to go shoot hoops with his friend. What fifteen year old boy doesn’t? His mouth closed, his cheek muscles tightened, and his eyes narrowed. Then something miraculous happened. Continue reading

Children Crying? -Don’t Overreact…Understand Instead!

I was baking bread one day when I heard a commotion coming from downstairs. The children then came to tell me what was happening because they didn’t know where their friend was and had grown concerned. I  discovered that one of our darling little friends had broken a toy.

This little five year old girl had been playing with the toy when it accidentally dropped and broke. She was so worried about getting into trouble, she had run off and hidden herself. Continue reading