Declining Sunstone and Bloggernacle “Safe Zones”

I was recently invited to be part of a panel at Sunstone on Mormon Blog boundaries. CHanson sent me an invitation (and gave me permission to print it) that described the panel like this:
LDS-interest blogspace is divided into a bunch of different communities.  The completely out-of-the-church end has its secular (atheist/agnostic) wing and its Christian wing, then there’s the Borderland/NOM crowd, then there’s the Feminists and the mommies (who are sometimes the same people, and sometimes not), then there’s the core of the Bloggernacle, and on the super-conservative end there’s “Nothing Wavering”. Continue reading

A Thought On Being “The One True Religion”

Way back when I used to be on Mormon Matters, one very common complaint from Practicing-but-Not-Believing Mormons was that the LDS Church was ‘arrogant’ or ‘hurtful’ because they believed they were the ‘one true’ (or at least ‘most true’) religion. (Specifically, the claim of being the only currently existing Church organization started by Jesus Christ via a prophet was a particular sticking point.)

So I wrote a short post asking for some additional dialogue on this point. But I never posted it, so here it is now a few years too late:

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To catch a predator: My Chris Hansen moment

A friend of mine recently came over to my house and shared with me some issues he has been having with one of his teenage children. As a parent of two small children, my ears perked up and my blood pressure spiked when he mentioned that his second oldest child–very much a minor–had met someone over the age of 18 on a social networking site.

Although my children are only five and two, I am keenly aware of the dangers that lurk on the internet through chat rooms and social networking sites. My five-year old son is presently content with Noggin and Disney on the internet, but the day will come when he and my daughter want to set-up accounts on social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends. Continue reading