Suzie, do you copy?

Friends don’t lie, except when they do…

The world of Hawkins, Indiana, gained its first overt Mormon character on July 4th. Suzie is perfect and prettier than Phoebe Cates.

Or so reports Dustin.

Is she the classic “Canadian girlfriend,” an imaginary person a bachelor speaks of to friends to fend off pity? Or is the adorably cute Dustin actually in love with a Mormon girl from Utah?

I spent 1984-1985 in Italy as a missionary, so it’s been delightful to see a culture I didn’t participate in through the incredible lens of the Duffer brothers.

Like many others, we binge-watched Season 3 this weekend. We laughed, we cried.

If you don’t yet know whether or not Suzie is real, feel free to find out. If you don’t know what Stranger Things is, you might have the delight of experiencing all this for the first time.

One could dismiss Stranger Things as fiction or “horror” or 1980s kitsch. But I submit it tells a story that resonates with deep truths.

So, Suzie, do you copy?

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