Strange Mormon UFO Alien Stories

Around the time of Halloween all kinds of spooky, strange, and paranormal stories are told to get the goosebumps rising. With that spirit in mind I present some unusual Mormon related UFO presumed connections. There won’t be many internet links because not all of them are friendly sources. Regardless, they are amusing to relate.

The most preposterous of stories starts with “Kolob” that so many non-Mormon (and some Mormon) jokes come from. Not sure what the whole thing is about, but making things up about the purely imaginary Interplanetary conspiracy theories doesn’t seem unethical. Somehow it starts with an ancient alien civilization from the planet Kolob in the constellation Cancer, sector 2813 seeking to take over the Universe. This includes the planet Earth where one of its powerful arms stretches out toward unsuspecting humans.

From here on out it doesn’t get any less outrageous. There is a reason for so many crash landing UFOs in the Western United States, not counting the vast eyewitness reports of strange lights and saucers. Its those darn Mormons of course. Evil intelligences from outer space have been in contact with them since Joseph Smith’s first vision. The United States government finds out and seeks to take advantage.

What average Mormons don’t know, apparently, is that the highest leadership is controlled by Reptilian aliens. These are fierce warriors who are under the guidance of big eye grey aliens who themselves are controlled by Icelandic-like humanoids. The proof is in the many secret bases, mingled with secret Temples, developing technology way in advance of any ever known before.

Two and three otherwise unrelated things are put together like an ill matched jigsaw puzzle. The religion of Mormonism starts with alien visitations whose followers move out West where the plot to take over really gets kicked into high gear. During this time the U.S. government tries to control the Mormons so they can get into the conspiracy. Once they finally do, both Mormons and the government along with other forces loosely connected with the WWII Axis work with the aliens. This is to ensure that while slaves themselves, they are the masters of a slave race of humans. That is the reason there are so many Mormons in the FBI, CIA, and military. At the same time these elite humans are stealing technology from downed UFO craft in hopes of defending their own power and corruption. Got it?

In case you still don’t understand, the History channel reported that Moroni wasn’t just an angel; he was a star being from the Pleiades who gave the plates from one of the hill mounds dedicated to aliens! Where the “Ancient Aliens” commentator came up with that has not been confirmed, although it might be a mix up with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even the “Chariots of the Gods” author Erich von Daniken has stated The Book of Mormon is a message from the stars like other Scriptures. Mostly this is because of the metal plates he has seen and therefore can’t reject the possibility Joseph Smith knew what he was talking about (even if not who he was talking with). Thee gold plates told had yet another warning that destruction was the outcome of a warrior focused people. At least he understood a theme that most critics ignore.

Another story is about a man named Truman Bethurum who apparently had his own visions similar to Joseph Smith, complete with new scriptures. During the night in 1952 on Mormon Mesa Nevada, an alien visited him. A flare was dropped near a site he was told to go and to and find instructions.

Once at the location pointed out, he found a package with the inscription “To Truman From Aura” he promptly picked up. Aura was the Alien’s name who happened to be the captain of a UFO from the planet Clarion. He published a book in 1953 about his otherworldly communications. The main message was, as expected during that time, the possible nuclear apocalypse. Keep in mind that only the most conspiratorial of internet sources mention the “Mormon Mesa” and other religious relationships.

Mormon missionaries show up show up in another Nevada based story. This time its of alien abductions. From a paranormal researcher of sorts comes this intriguing stunner:

Thanks for your honesty. You’re not alone. take this claim made by two young LDS men in Flagstaff, Arizona. These healthy youngsters, dressed in characteristic black pants, starched white shirts and ties were walking along a rural road after a successful day of speaking with unsuspecting homeowners about the “Mormon” religion. It was pitch dark. Starlight was the only illumination.

Because of this, the boys lost their way and were soon shivering in the vast desert in their thin clothing. The temperature plunged near freezing and the boys huddled together on the desert floor for warmth.

But just as all hope appeared gone, brilliant lights illuminated their spooned bodies. At first, the boys thought it was a police cruiser. But then they saw that the object was saucer-shaped and hovered twenty feet above them.

A dazzling cone of blue light enveloped them; their minds went blank and when they awoke they were inside the spacecraft being interrogated by thin, but stern-looking UFO aliens.

When asked by the alien interrogators about their religious beliefs, the boys told them about the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. Shockingly, the demeanor of the UFO aliens softened. Incredibly, they asked for some literature!

Fifteen minutes later, the boys were deposited back in the desert. The alien craft vanished without a trace, leaving the youngsters with nothing but their–admittedly–unbelievable tale.

However, to this day, the boys, who are now grown and happily married, believe that they were the first men on Earth to convert UFO aliens to their beloved religion.

This isn’t to say that Mormons rejectaliens as existing. There is a belief in Extraterrestrial life beyond this planet. Missing is a theological belief that any have visited. Even the angels are humans who have or will become part of mortality on this planet. But, you never know . . .

Post Script: Shameless plug for a UFO novel written by a Mormon I know, although having nothing to do with the religion.

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