Reverently, Quietly

This post was inspired by Rachel’s earlier post.

From my earliest days, I recall singing the primary song “Reverently, Quietly” before the administration of the Sacrament (this was during the time when the Sacrament was still administered during Primary on Sunday).

Reverently, quietly, lovingly we think of thee;

On my mission, the first person I baptized left an indelible impression upon me, such that I will never forget the eagerness and enthusiasm with which she embraced and lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first Sunday that my companion and I accompanied this dear, sweet sister to church after her baptism, I learned a valuable lesson in reverence and the sacredness of the Sacrament.

Reverently, quietly, softly sing our melody;

As the sacrament hymn was sung, this sister picked up a hymn book and sang along to the words of a hymn she probably did not know. I do not recall the specific hymn, but I will never forget how I felt as I watched her love and devotion to her new-found faith.

Reverently, quietly, humbly now we pray,

As the priesthood holders knelt to bless the emblems of the Sacrament, I looked over and noticed this sister was also kneeling during the prayer. I thought to reach over and let her know that the congregation did not need to kneel during the Sacramental prayers, but I felt constrained to let it go.

Let the Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts today.

As I watched this demonstration of reverence and respect, the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me and I was overcome with emotion.

It took me 19 years and a trip to Brazil to learn a lesson that a newly-baptized member of the Church taught me that day.

When I sit with my family in Sacrament meeting, I often sing the hymns in Portuguese, and I think of this sister who taught me so much about reverence and the sacred nature of the Sacrament.

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