Read this post on Columbus Day to get another view of Columbus

These days, all of the smart people know Columbus didn’t “discover America.” He was a complete monster who killed and enslaved. In fact, Columbus was a fascist just like Hitler.

This seems to be what is taught at least.

For a different view, actually looking at some of the available history, I suggest this series of posts.

Start reading here.

If you only want to read about whether Columbus was a monster go straight to this post.

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2 thoughts on “Read this post on Columbus Day to get another view of Columbus

  1. I read Clark B. Hinckley’s book, Christopher Columbus: A Man Among the Gentiles and found a fascinating history. I believe what the Book of Mormon says about the person who came to the new world. (1 Nephi 13:12) He was a deeply religious man whom the Lord used for his purposes. Columbus had many tragedies in his life and really never got the recognition he deserved when he was alive. Wasn’t he one of the “eminent men” whose temple work was taken care of by Pres. Woodruff?

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