Proclaiming the Power of Christ

I have had a glorious Easter season.

I was blessed by the opportunity to participate in several choirs. This year, as we sang of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, I was particularly moved. The songs were pure doctrine, sweet testimony, and sheer beauty.

Christ is risen, our Savior and King. He will redeem all from death and will redeem all from hell who cast themselves upon His mercy.

I pray that your Easter season has included the beauty of the sacred, as you reflected on the despair we feel when we lose loved ones, the sublime peace of those who hope in Christ, the tragedy of the doubting Thomas, and the loving mercy of our God.

As we leave the sacred space of Easter and return to the profane world, may the peace of God remain in our hearts.

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Meg Stout has been an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter-day Saints) for decades. She lives in the DC area with her husband, Bryan, and several daughters. She is an engineer by vocation and a writer by avocation. Meg is the author of Reluctant Polygamist, laying out the possibility that Joseph taught the acceptability of plural marriage but that Emma was right to assert she had been Joseph's only true wife.

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