Pres. Nelson’s Friday Address

If you have not heard, Pres. Nelson will be giving a short message this coming Friday, November 20 at 11am, MST. His message will be broadcast via the Church media channels, his Facebook page, and Youtube. Make sure to tune in.

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About Joyce Anderson

Her family and friends call her the Queen of the United States...and Mom -- Joyce Anderson has been involved in LDS apologetics for over 20 years and with the Millennial Star since 2010. Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic she has added homeschooler to her list things she does in addition to being the butcher, baker & candlestick maker. When not schooling the children, she reads, paints, declutters, teaches primary, and is happy to share a bowl of chips & salsa with anyone who stops by.

12 thoughts on “Pres. Nelson’s Friday Address

  1. Joy from Joyce! Thanks so much for reminder about these words from our Marvelous Mouthpiece of God! He epitomizes the beautiful breathings of our Faith. And so do you. So thankful.
    Enjoy joy today!

  2. Thanks Glen. I’m mired in being an accidental homeschooler right now. Having all of my people home all the time is great, but exhausting. I wish I had more time to devote to the Millennial Star these days. 🙂

  3. Fridays seem, at least historically, more fitting for news/press releases, than for spiritual messages. Or am I remembering incorrectly?

    Pres Nelson could just be shaking things up. Or, there could be an important announcement bundled in.

  4. Almost always when I’ve tried to read things into things, I’ve been wrong. Also, I see power in just taking things for what they’re worth—more or less at face value. I get more whisper from the Still Small Voice that way, I think. Maybe I’m a shallow fellow. 😉

  5. I could not be any grateful for the message President shared of being more grateful everyday. It was a personal message for me and I felt the spirit of the Lord and reaffirmation that I am never alone through his servant, even the Prophet of the Lord. Thank you

  6. I’m grateful for those who pay for and operate this blog: Including but not limited to Meg, Joyce, Geoff B, Rameumptom, Bruce Nielson, and other perma-bloggers past and present.

  7. When I graduated from High School back in 1957 a lot of my classmates were making plans for college. I joined the Naval Aviation reserves to avoid the draft. However I was called into actve duty by the Reserves in February 1958. So much for avoiding the draft.
    I had the option of using the training I had already received or going to Basic Training (boot camp). I opted for boot camp because I felt it would better prepare me for my naval career.
    A week before I was to report for active duty I attended a church gathering of our Stake young men and young women (M-Men-Gleaners). At that gathering a good friend named Richard King asked if I wanted to be assured of a good, happy, memorable, and profitable experience while in the military. I readily replied: “Of course, but what assurance do I have that each duty assignment will always be such good experience?” His reply was simple: “Always look up the Church wherever you are assigned and get active in that Ward or Branch there”
    I took his advice to heart and resolved to live the Gospel so that I would never be ashamed to look up the Bishop or Branch President wherever I was stationed. Therefore, the Word of Wisdom and any other problem that would keep me from being worthy were never a problem for me as they had been for so many other young people who entered the military service.
    I will be forever grateful for the advice given by a man who gave me his loving advice and counsel just before I entered the military service back in 1958 and that I listened and took it to heart.

  8. Thank you, Joyce, for blogging to share the invitation to hear President Nelson’s address! I had intended to do so, but life intervened.

    I greatly appreciated President Nelson’s comments. In particular, I appreciated his reflection on his outstanding career as a heart surgeon, yet his utter inability to use that skill to save Dantzel when she suffered a fatal heart attack.

    There are simply times when hard things befall us, which are outside of our control.

    But gratitude is always within our control, even when other measures to achieve wellness are outside of our reach (e.g., exercise, sleep, giving to others).

    Gratitude is like having charity for the life we have been given. Without that charity for our own lives (gratitude), our lives can be as sounding brass or clanging cymbal.

  9. Meg on strong leg, as usual:
    “There are simply times when hard things befall us which are outside of our control. But gratitude is always within our control. . . Gratitude is like having charity for the life we have been given.”

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