Senator Reid’s wife and daughter injured in crash

Photo Credit: ABC News

Please keep Senator Harry Reid and his family in your thoughts and prayers. ABC News reports Reid’s wife and daughter were injured in a car accident today.

“Mrs. Reid has a broken nose, broken back and broken neck.  Lana has a neck injury and facial lacerations.  Both Mrs. Reid and Lana are conscious, can feel their extremities, and according to doctors their injuries are non-life threatening.  Senator Reid has been to the hospital and appreciates the support he and his family are receiving from Nevadans and his colleagues in the Senate,” spokesman Jon Summers said today in a statement.

9 thoughts on “Senator Reid’s wife and daughter injured in crash

  1. Totally praying for them. I am not a fan of Sen. Reid’s policy approaches, but I love him and his testimony, and wish them miraculous recovery.

  2. You couldn’t just say “best wishes” — had to throw in the “not a fan” part, too.

    Bless your heart, Blain . . .

  3. Good wishes. Can’t say anything else or Hunter will be mad at me.

    But seriously, regardless of politics, Sen. Reid is a good man and loves his family, and this must be a difficult time for him, so prayers should be sent his way.

  4. Hunter — Wha? I’m explaining some of the complexity of my relationship with Bro. Reid. This is a problem?

  5. No problem, Geoff or Blain. I just thought it was funny that Blain evidently feared his being seen as a Reid supporter if he were to simply wish Reid’s family well. It was just a special sort of pathetic that Blain felt like he had to qualify what was/should have been just a note of best wishes for Reid’s family.

    Try this hypothetical on for size: President Reagan is hospitalized after the 1981 assasination attempt. A shocked nation prays for his recovery. Jesse Jackson gets on the evening news and says that, although he’s never been a fan of President Reagan’s economic theories or his proposed tax cuts, Jackson does express hope that Reagan recovers from the shooting.

    Political commentary is irrelevant in this context, don’t ya think? Or said otherwise, how does the complexity of your “relationship with Bro. Reid” have anything to do with the fact that Landra Reid is in the hospital in critical condition right now?

  6. Hunter, I’m old enough to remember that a lot of Dems said exactly that in 1981. But your point is correct, and two wrongs don’t make a right.

  7. I don’t fear being seen as a supporter of Sen. Reid’s agenda in the Senate. I’m just not one, and I said what I said for clarity. What difference does it make? It makes no difference to the reality of their situation, but neither do my good (or bad, if I had such) wishes. My prayers, I hope, will make a difference.

    Sen. Reid is a political figure, so politics is going to be an aspect of pretty much anything about him, even in its relative absence. I suspect you’d see similar comments made by different people had this happened to Glenn Beck’s family (where my relationship is similarly complex, fwiw). But I really don’t want to find out if my suspicion is correct.

  8. When we are all in heaven (hopefully), I think we’ll feel pretty stupid for caring so much about others’ political beliefs while we could have done so much more for each other. Just saying…

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