Papa Ostler’s false gospel

Richard Ostler, who calls himself “Papa Ostler” on-line, preaches a false and damaging version of the Gospel. His book is filled with claims that are the exact opposite of what is taught by the Church. In fact, President Nelson has warned that Satan wants us to believe many of the the things that Ostler teaches.

To learn more, please watch this video.

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  1. Papa Ostler does more damage than he even knows. His ideas have infected many people and lead them in the wrong direction.

  2. “Papa” Ostler has learned his lessons from another father. The father of all lies…..

  3. And this is what the great Deceiver, the father of all lies, is using to subvert the teachings of Christ from within the Church. The harvest to separate the wheat from the chaff is not yet but is imminent. The Lord is allowing the chaff to RIPEN in iniquity.
    Being a liberal democrat, Elder McConkie was already somewhat prejudiced toward Blacks when he wrote in his OWN words that “those spirits sent to earth through the lineage of Cain and of Ham are absolutely denied the priesthood as far as this mortal life is concerned.” (Page 479, 1973 edition of “Mormon Doctrine ” 5 years before the priesthood became available to ALL worthy male individuals.). He was wrong and openly admitted so. I’m not sure what it will take to convince brother Ostler he’s preaching false doctrine. His love for the sinner has gone too far.

  4. In 2008 I wrote the following to the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune:
    “Seeing the protesters at the Los Angeles LDS Temple prompts me to write. The man holding the sign “When will Mormons stop the hate” deserves a response.
    Mormons do not hate homosexuals; rather, we are obedient to the commandments of God, Who has ordained and decreed that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman to establish a family and (hopefully) bring forth children from their union to further His omniscient plan for our happiness. Trying to put two male or two female plumbing fittings together makes for leaky messes. Sanctioning same sex marriage makes for moral and societal messes.
    Homosexuals raise the argument that heterosexual marriage is failing and therefore it is their turn for inclusion. That is faulty logic in that it is not marriage that is failing, rather individuals fail to keep their covenants of marriage or commitment to the sanctity of marriage.
    We as a society cannot creatively redefine what constitutes marriage or family to suit some minority desire or political expediency. What would be the next step in redefinition? There are those who prefer a pedophile relationship, or an incestuous one, even bestiality. Should society tolerate and include all definitions of marriage to accommodate all abnormal and deviant styles? ” Seems rather prophetic now.

    I don’t know that advocates of all these deviancies fully understand The Great Plan of Happiness. Faithful couples (heterosexual) will earn the reward of eternal increase, which means creating spirit bodies and peopling worlds. How can that be done with a same-sex couple? There will be no special powers given, procreation works on eternal principles having to do with perfected physical bodies. Our bodies are gifts from God and what we do with them in this life will affect what we are able to do with them in the next.

    I have great compassion for those who experience gender dysphoria or same sex attraction. No one gets through life without some kind of challenge, but those must be some of the most difficult to face. Those who experience such challenges need compassion and help to overcome through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, not affirmation and counsel to leave the church. The Law of Chastity applies to all of God’s children, not just heterosexual ones. Can you imagine women in the church who haven’t married (for many reasons) being counseled to be true to their authentic selves and just give in to their sexual desires and have babies without being married? Ludicrous. If heterosexual men and women can keep the commandments, then so can anyone else. Keeping the commandments, no matter what, is the way to safety and peace in this life, and exaltation in the next.

  5. Bruce R McConkie was not a “liberal Democrat.” He was a Republican.
    And liberal Democrats were and are not racists. Conservative Democrats, mostly from the Solid South, were solid segregationists until the latter part of the 20th century.

  6. So much is being left out of the lgbt discussion by all sides.

    I recommend watching Walt Heyer’s main video on the ‘tube, and reading testimonials at his website (take out the spaces, add the periods)

    www sex change regret com

    According to Heyer’s research and estimates: 50% of gay men were sexually abused as children, 80% of lesbian women were sexually abused as children, and 100% of transexuals were sexually abused as children.

    Those figures might have changed in the past few years, as all non-normative sexual behaviors have become somewhat of a social contagion.

    As I’ve said in comments here at M* since SSM became a topic, you no longer need to be “born X” (or think you were “born X”) in order to “do X”. If people see “X” as a socially acceptable thing, there are plenty of other reasons or drivers/motivations/prompts (and less barriers or friction) to experiment…. curiosity, thrill seeking, peer pressure, social influence.

    One’s first sexual experience has an extremely high imprinting effect and therefore a life-long effect. If any given psychologist doesn’t know that, they were either lied to in their education, or are lieing to you. See Miriam Grossman’s videos/books “You’re teaching my child what?!”

    Even heterosexual pre-marital sex imprints and psychologically connects partner to partner. That’s just a fact based on how humans are wired. And that’s why pre-marital sex is bad for humans. Not just because “God says so”, but also because each partner leaves a psychological imprint stamp that is different than the previous, and each psychological/emotional connection gets broken, and the broken connection influences the next connection.

    Just about every psychologist who got their degree since 1980 was lied to by their professors. Hopefully, the smart and honest ones have figured out the truth in their clinical practices.

    The Brethren can’t (politically can’t, that is) speak the whole truth in public on the issue because the vast majority of the psychology profession, and all the media, is on the side of the “always (and only) born that way” lie.

    If Ostler doesn’t address the childhood sexual abuse issue, and the imprinting issue, he’s leaving out fundamental aspects of what’s going on, and acquiescing to the media’s lies.

  7. The etiology of gender dysphoria (GD) remains unclear, but it is thought to originate from a complex biopsychosocial link.

    Individuals born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia or androgen insensitivity syndrome are usually brought up and socialized as girls, even though they often cross-dress and have an innate sense of belonging to the opposite sex. These changes are more evident around and during puberty. This is one of the well-established biological links.

    Associations have also been found with in-utero exposure to phthalates in plastics and polychlorinated biphenyls. They are known to disrupt the regular endocrinology of sex determination before birth. Phthalates can lead to an increase in total fetal testosterone levels, which in turn increases the risk of autism spectrum disorder as well as GD.

    GD has been found to have a higher prevalence in people with psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder. The link seems to be neuroanatomical and needs more research. There was a growing evidence that autistic population has a higher risk of GD. However, certain studies seek to disprove this hypothesis.

    There is also growing evidence the childhood abuse, neglect, maltreatment, and physical or sexual abuse may be associated with GD. Individuals reporting higher body dissatisfaction and GD have a worse prognosis in terms of mental health. And as mentioned above in epidemiology, individuals with GD are found to have higher rates of depression, suicidal ideations, and substance use.

    Neuroanatomical links have been found in certain studies. A major one is faulty neuronal development and differentiation in the hypothalamic links. Functional neuroimaging has shown variations in hemispheric ratios and amygdala connectivity according to gender.

    A few case reports have reported some association of GD to maternal toxoplasma infection, although additional data is needed for further evidence.

    A genetic association is also identified as one of the causes of GD. Heritability and familiality of GD have been identified: for instance, higher prevalence in monozygotic twins than dizygotic twins. Some alleles (CYP17 and CYP17 T-34C) have also been found to have an association, although it is difficult to say if it is merely association or causation.

  8. It would seem that this is another case of reversing the order of the first and second great commandments.

    It is always right to love others as we love ourselves, but there is no justification for elevating that virtue above loving our Father in Heaven and Jesus with all of our emotions, all of our inner yearnings, and all of our thoughts. Loving our neighbor should be seen in the context of loving God first and most.

    And it seems too that to equate love of others with our unqualified support is inconsistent with the teachings and gospel of Jesus Christ. I think we too often confuse worth with worthiness. God values all of his children equally, regardless of where we are in our spiritual life, but He expects something from us in the form of repentance (change) if we wish to qualify for His greatest blessings.

  9. “The Brethren can’t (politically can’t, that is) speak the whole truth…”

    While, I agree this is often the case, what biblical or book of Mormon precedent is there for prophets unwillingness to correct dangerous falsehoods and secret combinations because the consequences of mere words are too great.

    I can think of heads being lost, lions being almost fed, believers thrown into the fire, and so on, for being unwilling to go along with the secret combination. But I’m starting to wonder if what was once supposed to be a game of 3d chess has become a flaxen cord. Will we at some point see some of this declared as a victory for satan, similar to the misused nickname of the church that had a many million dollar campaign spent on it?

  10. Suweet, the how and why some people have same-sex-attraction are not doctrinal issues per se, though they are psych issues germane to overcoming SSA. Acting upon SSA is the doctrinal issue, which the Brethren have not avoided.

    There was a powerful talk about childhood sexual abuse in the last general conference. So maybe the Brethren will eventually link the two.

    The Colonel Jessup character (Jack Nicholson) in A Few Good Men said it well “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.”

    There is much that the Lord and the Brethren have chosen to not reveal to us yet.

    And there is much scriptural precedent for people receiving the lesser light/law because they shrunk from greater light/law.

  11. @Breck: According to Alfred Kinsey and those “Special Victims Unit” tv shows, it’s the “non-normative” children (ie, the “odd ones”) that abusers target most often.

    So does being non-normative make/influence the person to be SSA/GD, or is it the sexual abuse?

  12. Hormone blockers and gender reassignment surgery is an unholy practice. Parents who enable this for their children are abusers. Parents who do not move heaven and earth to stop their children from going this route are delinquent.

    My direct observation of the issue of gender dysphoria in my stake is the leadership is timid. Publicly, they read from the handbook and otherwise preach tolerance and have buildings make accommodations (ie changing restrooms to single person, non-gender, which may be the best that can be done with physical facilities).

    Privately, the leadership acknowledges those affected are mentally ill.

    This is not right! We ought to have compassion for the mentally ill but we do not allow the mentally ill to drive organizational attitudes and policies. We should not be afraid to speak Truth because we are afraid the mentally ill will have hurt feelings. We especially do not give an inch to what is an evil and destructive agenda.

    Gender dysphoria and the trans movement exemplify Lucifer’s modus operandi. Lie, deceive and make others miserable as he is. The agenda to destroy individuals and families is real and it is powerful.

    Christians have a greater power. But it is wasted if that sword of Truth is buried. The Truth is Satan desires to sift us as wheat. He aims to have us relinquish our agency and bind ourselves in chains. He does this by whispering lies. And leading us with flaxen cords – delicate threads that we could easily break if we desired. So what is it we desire? Whose voice do we hear? Whose doctrine do we follow? The choice is ours, but only as long as we preserve our agency to choose.

    There is great evil in the world. We should not dwell on that evil but we jeopardize our spiritual safety when we underestimate the threat that evil poses. The last decade especially, we Christians have greatly underestimated the threats aiming to destroy our children and especially are daughters.

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