Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at inauguration, life goes on


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang at President Trump’s inauguration today.  They were great.

Meanwhile, Mormon Trump haters continued to look a lot like this woman.


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11 thoughts on “Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at inauguration, life goes on

  1. Is it just me, or does the protester check at 8-9 seconds in that he’s ready for his closeup?

    The pain may be real, but it doesn’t count if it’s not uploaded to YouTube.

  2. Last time the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing for an inauguration the Mormon Choir of Washington was invited to the rehearsal. My husband was excited about the possibility that we could repeat that and mentioned it to the directors. However the security surrounding the inauguration was tighter this time. So we weren’t able to sit in on the choirs rehearsal. They sounded great, but they were rushed. I assume that was so that President Trump could take his oath of office at high noon.

  3. I want to hush up and give the president a chance to soften. And I would have been right up there with the Choir singing for our nation. Trump is tired of over-the-border crime, and an eternal Jihad by (extremist) Moslems who vow to turn our planet into bloodbath of religious hate. I hope he will re-direct his despairing words and actions toward an approach that will not insult or hurt good Latinos and Modlems everywhere.

    A memory comes to mind of how it felt to see the blatantly racist California Prop 187 pass, and again when Arizona passed a similar hurtful measure. I felt like crying out then too. Like the woman in the video.
    Mas amour. Es-selamü aleyküm.

  4. Sorry, quick follow-up thought: I think few entities have done more to pollute our culture with degrading elements than Hollywood and the media. To see them rise and protest an incoming president’s petty defects fills the breathing air with a stench of hypocrisy.
    Further, I am breathing hugely easier knowing that I will no longer have to hear the former president’s pompous, arrogant, staccato voice again. Eight years of wanting to vomit—stomach fatigue.

  5. In reviewing the lyrics of “America the Beautiful,” I found lyrics apropos for the Trump inauguration.

    America! America!
    God mend thine every flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law!

    Trump’s soul truly lacks self-control. I fear he fails to reverence the supreme laws of this land (Constitution, federal law, treaties). But President Trump is merely the poster child for an American culture which knows no bounds in its narcissism and ignorance. Time will tell if God will mend these significant flaws. I pray He does.

  6. Brother Danielson,
    Prop 187 was not racist, though its opponents (Hollywood, media and much of the Democratic party) cast it as such. Immigrants who entered the country illegally were consuming hundreds of millions of dollars of the state’s tax money. Our emergency rooms were used as a Drs. clinic for trivial illness on one hand, and the terrible aftermath of gang wars in the streets on the other. If a waiting patient was able to breathe on his own and not bleeding to death, he could easily wait eight hours to be seen by a doctor, especially on a weekend.
    Some schools weren’t able to handle the flood of children. The majority of who had received no inoculations, had no ability to speak English, and who were given free lunch/snacks and transport to and from school.
    The schools scrambled to hire certified teachers who spoke the myriad of foreign languages of the families, and went out of their way to have translators at the schools available. On school parent nights, buses drove the students’ routes, driving the parents to and from school activies.
    County Social services became involved with some families.
    I could go on, but I believe you get my point.
    Please don’t use such accusatory labels so freely. You’ve not lived this situation and you’ve not a clue as to how many people freely tried to help these illegal immigrants with their own time and money.

  7. “Please don’t use such accusatory labels so freely. You’ve not lived this situation and you’ve not a clue . . .”

    Quilt, may I suggest that you know nothing about me, and might want to use restraint before accusing someone of being ignorant. You have no idea what I’ve lived or what I know. I’ll let you have an opinion without calling you clueless; maybe you can do same.

    I’m easily aware that our resources have taken hits from undocumented’s. I’s also aware that our country intentionally benefits economically from having illegals work our sea-to-shining-sea farm fields for penny wages. Maybe think about that next time you don’t have to pay five dollars for a tomato. There’s hugely more to the story, but I don’t feel obliged to lay it all out in this forum.

    This is the Sabbath. When we sit in Sunday School today, I hope both us can show respect to someone else when their opinion differs. Because they disagree with us does not mean they don’t have a clue.

    God bless you, fellow traveler!

  8. The view of the mall at high noon appears to be more than the photos used by the MSM to discredit the attendance estimates by the Trump team.

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