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Elder Dieter Uchtdorf and Sister Harriet Uchtdorf spoke with Young Adults in the North America NorthEast Area of the Church tonight. They are both such energetic and positive individuals!

In that vein, Elder Uchtdorf shared a suggested Quick Start Guide To Mortal Life:

Elder Uchtdorf his own recent experience, getting a new phone. There was a link to an detailed manual and a simple “Quick Start” guide. While there was much an expansive study of the full manual could impart, Elder Uchtdorf used the Quick Start guide to get his phone working in a matter of minutes.

  1. Do not as so many in the world do, making a god in our own image. Instead, seek to know God, to learn of God’s ways, and follow God’s ways.
  2. Knowledge, while good, is not sufficient. Reach out and do. Love and serve God and love and serve God’s children.
  3. Life has always been challenging, since the time of Father Adam and Mother Eve. But while we learn from the pain and sorrow that comes into our own lives, let us cherish the moments of joy that also come.
  4. In all things, give thanks to God. Let your heart overflow with gratitude.
  5. Finally, let your life be filled with light and new information to guide your walk in life. Act to bless others in that purpose which is unique to your time and to your particular circumstances. Look at what you are doing with your time and fill your time with activities that will bring light and goodness to your life and the lives of others.

As always, the words of God and God’s prophets are available for us to study in more depth as our need dictates. But we need not wait until we have full mastery of every detail to start on a journey of love, faith, and hope. As Elder Uchtdorf concluded, may we find that we have lived a life that, while perhaps not perfect, was good enough.

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  1. I love ‘The Quick Start Guide To Mortal Life,’ above. I always use images in gospel teaching. The Writ is incomparably stunning, the Holy Ghost is the power and light and the conveyor to the heart — yet images, like the Guide above is delight to the eyes and adds a framework for the mind.
    Thank you Meg, sister on strong leg! 🙂

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