LDS Congressman Burgess Owens warns about critical race theory

I encourage readers to watch carefully this interview with Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) on the dangers of critical race theory:

Let me highlight a few quotations:

“I’ve seen this before,” Owens said. “I grew up in the deep south, in Tallahassee, Florida, in the days of the KKK, Jim Crow segregation, and the evil of hard bigotry; that was low expectations that I grew up around.”

He recalled, when the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders protested, they wore white shirts, dark ties, and suits.

That is because they were overcoming the narrative “of the hard, hard Democratic left of that time” that “Blacks were not smart, they weren’t intelligent, they weren’t educated; they weren’t able to control themselves,” Owens told host Heather Childers. “Those negative narratives were part of the process of trying to put my race down.”

And critical race theory, or the idea racism is something that is embedded in legal systems and policies and is not the product of individual biases or prejudices, is more of the “same thing,” said Owens, because it “lowers this expectation for everybody.”

“This is a very evil process,” he added.

And the curriculum is taught by “bullies and cowards who hide behind labor unions,” Owens continued. “They hide behind school boards so no one knows what they’re doing.”

But over the past year, Owens said, parents started to recognize what was going on because their children were learning from home, and they realized “our children are under attack.”

Owens said his bill says critical race theory cannot be taught on the federal level, but still, states must take it on themselves to “make sure they’re doing things on the local level that they need to do to make the changes.”

“We are under attack and is the absolute opposite of the American way,” Owens said. “They’re teaching us not what I was going up with: The love of God, love of country, family, respect for women, and authority. They’re telling us to hate everything that I just mentioned. So, I’m thankful for parents across this country.”

Owens has introduced federal legislation to ban the teaching of critical race theory on a federal level.

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