LDS Church Releases Video About Temple Clothing and Garments Including Photos

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released an official video about the sacred clothing Mormons wear in the temple and the sacred garments worn by members under their everyday clothing.

The video is intended for those who are not members of the Church and are curious about this practice and includes photos of our sacred temple clothes and undergarments.


The video does an excellent job of contextualizing Mormon practices among other religious traditions and asks those not of our faith to speak respectfully of our sacred clothing as they would about the sacred clothing of their own or other faiths.

12 thoughts on “LDS Church Releases Video About Temple Clothing and Garments Including Photos

  1. Years ago garments could be purchased at ZCMI without a recommemd. Unendowed people began to purchase them as old fashioned long underwear began to vanish from stores. This happened often enough to cause a change in procedure. There is still an active market for full fashioned underwear for cold weather, a niche market supplied by vendors such as Wintersilks which provides a wide variety of cosy clothing. I believe it is a good move to demythologize.

  2. Very well done. And at this point necessary since sadly everything is out on the internet anyway by those unfriendly to the church.

  3. Richard, have you tried sharing it via the Mormon Newsroom? That’s where I’m seeing most of the shares online.

  4. An unlisted youtube video does not prevent you from sharing. I just thought it was interesting that they did not list it when it was part of a news release.

  5. Nicely done. Making this public provides a stark contrast to those mocking temple robes and garments.

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