I blame the Obama Administration

Chicago has big problems. Huge debts are just one small item.

Violence is on the rise.  2016 was a record year with almost 750 murders, thousands of shootings, robberies, and now an attack by 4 thugs on an innocent young white man, tortured for hours on Facebook.

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, is Pres Obama’s former chief of staff.  Pres Obama is from Chicago, and learned under the progressive and violent hands of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and members of the Weather Underground. Pres Obama has frequently spoken against the police, encouraging anger against police shootings, even when justified. His progressive actions have uprooted the fragile stability of the Middle East, even after going on an apology tour. For someone who received a Nobel Peace Prize, he has proven to create much violence both domestically and abroad.

Since the days of Al Capone, Chicago has been a cesspool. It is sadly a common sight to see a politician, including governors and mayors, end up in prison. Today, there are over 70,000 active gang members in the Windy City.

The chief of police in Chicago recently noted that most of the violent crime is committed by a small group of repeat offenders. The problem, he noted, is that liberal judges release them early from prison time after time.

And these are just part of the problem with Progressive Liberals in Chicago. Note, I am not talking about classical liberals, but progressives. Classical liberals included people like, Martin Luther King jr, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Sam Nunn, Joe Lieberman, etc.

Progressives, however, seek power through big government. Big government that enslaves people, such as in our welfare culture, creates opportunities for more big government and control. It has made the Clinton’s multi-millionaires by preying on the kindness of those wanting to help a charity, but then using the money to promote their agenda.  As with the Chicago politicians, the Clintons have cheated and ravaged their way to power on the backs of the poor.

Decades of such progressivism has brain washed a large portion of the masses to continually vote for those who keep them enslaved. Why do 90 percent of blacks vote Democrat, when most blacks are against abortion, for school choice, and hate many of the core positions of the progressive movement? It is because progressives know how to promote their agenda in a way that scares people away from the opposition. Note how Harry Reid recently noted that he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes simply because no one else wanted to do it. This is no different than the promise that you can keep your doctor and medical plan, or that Benghazi was all about a video.

So it is in Chicago. Gun violence has been blamed on Indiana’s pro-gun laws. In reality, a 2013 CDC study showed that greater gun control leads to greater gun violence, and lesser gun control dramatically reduces gun violence.  It also noted that legal gun owners stopped crimes over 2 million times a year.  But this is an inconvenient truth.

Progressives push global warming/cooling/change, and insist we spend trillions of dollars to save the earth, even when such efforts will not really make a difference to global temperatures between now and the year 2100. The only thing such efforts does is turn Al Gore and other progressives into multi-millionaires.

And so, the problems of Chicago is a progressive problem. It has created a toxic environment for minorities, especially blacks. The culture that has been created places them between a rock and a hard place. Poor schools that focus on progressive agendas, fatherless homes, and government bureaucracy that promotes unwed pregnancy as a subsidized way of life, lead to young men with no role models and no hope for a decent life.

Progressives teach minorities to hate those that supposedly enslave them: whites. Sadly, most progressive leaders are whites that either hate themselves, or love lying to the poor blacks – trying to create a tension that falls just short of a race war. Charles Manson would be proud of them.

The only way to save Chicago, before black kids kill each other and anyone else they become angry at, is to take over the city. We need to kick Rahm and the city council out on their back sides, bring in Rudy Giuliani, and return order back to the chaos in the city. It took tough guys to stop Al Capone. It will take tough efforts to make Chicago safe again.

Sixty years ago, the president sent troops into the South to desegregate schools, and stop local political thugs (Democrats involved in the KKK) from lynching black people. It is time to do this again.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I am not a Trump fan. However, I hope that he can send in some smart people, who believe in rescuing the people from corrupt politicians, gang members, and progressives; so they can live in peace. Thankfully, we won’t have a radical progressive like Pres Obama sitting in the White House much longer.

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Gerald (Rameumptom) Smith is a student of the gospel. Joining the Church of Jesus Christ when he was 16, he served a mission in Santa Cruz Bolivia (1978=1980). He is married to Ramona, has 3 stepchildren and 7 grandchildren. Retired Air Force (Aim High!). He has been on the Internet since 1986 when only colleges and military were online. Gerald has defended the gospel since the 1980s, and was on the first Latter-Day Saint email lists, including the late Bill Hamblin's Morm-Ant. Gerald has worked with FairMormon, More Good Foundation, LDS.Net and other pro-LDS online groups. He has blogged on the scriptures for over a decade at his site: Joel's Monastery (joelsmonastery.blogspot.com). He has the following degrees: AAS Computer Management, BS Resource Mgmt, MA Teaching/History. Gerald was the leader for the Tuskegee Alabama group, prior to it becoming a branch. He opened the door for missionary work to African Americans in Montgomery Alabama in the 1980s. He's served in two bishoprics, stake clerk, high council, HP group leader and several other callings over the years. While on his mission, he served as a counselor in a branch Relief Society presidency.

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  1. Yeah, I fear that it may take some decisive government action to get Chicago under control. But, on the other hand, there’s the more long term problem of broken families. 80% of black children from the inner-cities are born to single mothers. These kids need their dads.

  2. Last time I checked, Obama was president of the United States, not Chicago. If you can find stuff in the linked report to blame on Obama, go for it. (Short version: violent crime nationwide is about 1/3 the level of when Clinton took office.) But cherry-picking the worst case is a pretty transparent attempt to inflame emotions.


  3. Obama gave many administration posts to Republicans and centrists, he passed a lightly tweaked version of Romneycare, a Heritage foundation inspired health plan, and failed to prosecute the banks responsible for the financial crisis. Clinton signed welfare reform. Hardly the actions of progressives. In some ways Nixon was more progressive than Clinton or Obama.

    Chicago has a very bad police corruption problem. People have learned not to trust them. In New York when DiBlasio was elected primarily on the issue of ending stop and frisk (which a judge had already declared was being carried out in an unconstitutional fashion anyway), many thought that crime would go up; however, crime has continued to go down, showing that stop and frisk had mostly been unnecessary harassment.

  4. He was s state senator from Chicago. He was a US senator from Chicago. His chief of staff left to become mayor of Chicago. It’s not like there’s no link to Chicago here.

    Chicago is an example of what a place will look like when Obama gets his way. Racial crime. Racial issues with police. Black on black crime. Massive debt. Corruption. Obama came from this. He was a part of it. His policies and actions encourage it.

    It’s not nuanced and complicated.

  5. So if Senator Orrin Hatch served in the state legislature a decade ago and then was elected President, there would be a direct link between him and the crime rate in Salt Lake City? I’m not buying the causation argument at all.

    Jack’s comment above is spot on.

  6. If you don’t comprehend the links between Saul Alinsky, Reverend Wright, and Barack Obama, then you are choosing not to comprehend. Much of Obama’s ideological past was white-washed and still remains opaque.

  7. Obama’s ideology comes partially from Chicago. Perhaps he’s just a by product of it all. Still, he’s sought to clone the Chicago experience in America and globally.
    Arab Spring’s radicalism and the JV team called ISIS, all sprang up under his policies and encouragement.
    He inflamed minorities against cops. He promoted the violent anger that came out of BLM.
    He released many Gitmo prisoners, most of whom recidivated back to terrorism.
    He took America’s debt that Bush exploded and doubled down on all of it.

    Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago mayor, is doing the same thing for the city that his former boss, Obama, is now doing to the nation. It all ties into Obama’s radical and ideological progressive work

  8. Yeah, with all of the criticism aimed at Bush for Iraq and massive government spending and what-not, you’d think that Obama would’ve had some pretty clear choices as to the right way to continue forward. *Don’t* make things worse in Iraq. *Don’t* increase massive government spending and what-not. But, no, Obama’s legacy is going to be — if history is written faithfully — “If it ain’t broke brake it. And if it’s broke brake it some more.”

  9. Sheesh. Did I actually spell “break” b-r-a-k-e? I think it was the b-r-o-k-e of “broke” that got me thinking of b-r-a-k-e for “break.” Sheesh.

  10. A decade ago? He flunked one project to the next and was promoted by gullable voters putting their hopes in a political charlatan. It’s not like Chicago’s present state is delinked from its management under his tenure.

    What does a state senator from Chicago do if not represent Chicago? What does a US senator from IL do if not represent Chicago? You think he did anything as senator for the southern half of the state?

    He’s not the sole reason Chicago is in the dumps, but a part of it. Playing the fiddle while Rome burns down around him. The talked a big talk. Got funding for pet projects managed by their chronies and donors, and pretended like all that was needed was to pay for their boondoggles and all would be well.

    They make no effort to actually focus on the core roles of government, while their jurisdiction continually degrades. So yes, he’s a huge part of the responsibility.

    Hatch bears any responsibility for placing crony projects or just plan misfocused priorities above responsible governmental stewardship as well. But he’s not anywhere close to thee league of Obama.

  11. It’s a slow Saturday, so just for kicks, I’d like substantiation of this claim: “Pres Obama has frequently spoken against the police, encouraging anger against police shootings, even when justified.” I don’t mean single sentences or paragraphs taken out of context, I mean actual statements clearly denigrating the police (as a group, not particular ‘bad apples’). Because what I have heard from him, when we get past sound-bites, is pretty typical Obama: recognizing both good and bad on both sides, and encouraging each to be better. So if you could point me to statements where he sides against the police (unless ANY criticism of police is by definition against them, in which case we could also say he has spoken against BLM too) I would appreciate it.

  12. The Beer Summit was the result of his first verbal assault on an officer doing his duty. Such disrespect shown after several events where blacks were shot by cops, prior to any results from the investigations into the shootings, helped lead to riots in Ferguson MO and elsewhere.
    Obama inspired violence with his words. And Michele Obama has too. 8 years ago, she said she was finally proud of the country for the first time?. Recently, she said she’s ashamed?d and afraid because of the election. Such statements foment hatred between the races, dividing the nation, leading to the kind of violence seen in Chicago, the BLM riots everywhere, Arab Spring
    and with ISIS.

  13. If Bush was such a bad president and racist with the federal approach to the black community, why didn’t we have these issues then?

    It’s because Obama and the Justice department through a combination of rhetoric, campaigning, political action and inaction have boiled over racial tensions. A conspiracy theorist would wonder if the goal really was to spark a race war from millions of whites who finally do get fed up and start giving into to their worser natures’ and assume based on the increasing actions and behavior of the African American community that some racism is appropriate.

    Let’s pray we never see the day, but if the foundation for this race war isn’t being laid down intentionally by him, then Obama and his cohort are “merely” useful idiots to the devil.

    Either way the end result will be the same unless better natures prevail on all sides, but especially with the blm-esque movement acknowledging they’ve got real issues.

    In the day an age, the scope and scale of racism is so ephemeral that we don’t need marches and protests making demands. That’s literally like using a tank to swat a fly. Racism is real and hurtful, but it’s not so institutional in a government sense that political organizing will help — we seem to have passed the point of diminishing returns and now these actions hurt more than help (by encouraging militant behavior against a non-existent and imagined oppressively racist society).

    It’s not fashionable to say it, but there are now more black people that hate white people than vice versa. More violence within the black community and directed at the white community than vice versa. One reason for this might be the never ending racial war rhetoric that reframes every experience through a racial lens. The real racism in the USA primary will be overcome by changing hearts black and white, not fermenting discord. May Obama as the highest profile, most powerful black man in history, figure that out and truly become the one they’ve been waiting for.

  14. “If Bush was such a bad president and racist with the federal approach to the black community, why didn’t we have these issues then?”

    Gotta love how “I wasn’t hearing about this a decade ago” equates to “this wasn’t happening a decade ago.”

    Also, Jesse Jackson brought up the same issues in the ’80’s.

  15. Police were getting shot by social justice warriors, every black death was a wrongful racist act and we were dragged nationally from one massive protests to another?

    It’s culminated or gotten worse under Obama. Whatever he was doing to help improve, clearly didn’t. I’m not saying there was never police brutality or a protest. But anyone paying attention knows we all now walk on eggshells and the accusations of racism grow worse. Watching the actions and rhetoric any reasonable outsider would assume nothing has changed in the last 40 years and that things have gotten worse in the last ten.

  16. Do any of you actually live in Chicago or is this just internet quarterbacking based on something you read?

    Because unless you actually walk the streets, visit the schools, and know the politics of the cities, counties, townships, and State as well as the dynamics of the school districts then what you’re spilling out is useless conjecture.

    I live in Chicago, grew up here, am actively involved in politics and school policy as well as volunteer with some organizations in Cook County and very little I read in the OP or in the comments here is actually related to the true dynamics in why kids are shooting each other.

  17. I had hoped for specific comments clearly demonstrating Obama’s hostility to the police. I doubt that such exist, but then again maybe he’s too smart for that.

    Can you really connect Ferguson to the Beer Summit? His criticism in that case was pretty mild and specific, and it ended with a conciliatory meeting. Back to Ferguson, the Justice Department found that the black community really was being treated poorly (although the officer that shot Michael Brown was cleared from prosecution). It doesn’t take a genius to understand why many people felt that the justice system would not be just. The notion that Obama was responsible for their discontent doesn’t make much sense given the rest of the context.

    I have an alternative suggestion: Any time Obama shows empathy for minority groups who have suffered injustice (and in some cases still do), race hustlers on the right stir up anger against him and accuse him of fomenting racial discord. And when he does make statements supporting the police (for example), they don’t count because we all know he doesn’t mean them. And we know that because if he did, he would never ever say anything that could be perceived as being critical of some of them, and black people wouldn’t be upset or commit crimes against the police…because apparently he can control what black people think and do.

  18. “A conspiracy theorist would wonder if the goal really was to spark a race war from millions of whites who finally do get fed up and start giving into to their worser natures’ and assume based on the increasing actions and behavior of the African American community that some racism is appropriate.”

    What the heck? Having suffered through slavery and Jim Crow, the black community now wants to start a race war upon themselves? Dylann Roof tried to start a race war. Are you suggesting that was all part of the master plan of Obama and the Justice Department?

    You are marinating in the wrong juices.

  19. “and very little I read in the OP or in the comments here is actually related to the true dynamics in why kids are shooting each other.”

    Please enlighten us as to the “true dynamics” why kids are shooting each other in Chicago, murder capital of America.

  20. I agree with Jared*. Blacks don’t want a race war. There may be some kooks on the fringes who think it’d be fun, but, generally, no. And whites don’t want one either — except the few kooks out there. That said, I do believe that there has been a genuine “Ferguson Effect” — and that it is responsible in part, at least, for the rise in violence in Chicago and other areas. But, over all what we’re really looking at is a “perfect storm.” Tempests and eruptions typically occur when many forces combine at the right time and place. And, it is my hope that, what I consider to be the most vital force in the creation of this storm will not be overlooked. And that is the illegitimacy rate in the American family, the worst of which is found in our inner cities. There are other important socio-political factors that seem to get more attention as we try to understand the root causes. But, IMO, no amount of restructuring in those other areas will finally turn the tide if we don’t get devoted fathers back in the home.

  21. Jared, devil the ultimate author of contention. Inciting a presumed minority of white people to overreact and do something stupid could also be perceived to benefit one side politically. Thus it’s entirely plausible that you’d have some like Obama wanting to push contention because they see it as a path to political power.

    Only a small minority of people rioting or protesting could have experienced Jim Crow and none experienced slavery. It’s a mistake to assume that awareness of these things occuring would in anyway be in internalized beyond the surface level of experience. Someone going through the horrors of generational slavery or Jim Crow, would react differently. How can I make such a statement? The historical record bears it out. Both generations responded very different than this one.

    For comparison, no latter-day saint understands what’s it’s like to be driven out of our homes enmasse by our neighbors. We even reenact arduous treks to get a small semblance of the emotion of giving up everything for our faith but the experience is surely more fleeting. But at least there’s some attempt to experience and understand.

  22. The devil is the ultimate author of contention… Sorry for the typo.

    Hope you’ve never commented on Iraq without living there, blah blah.

    Oh, and I’ve lived there.

  23. Chicago used to be known as “the city that works,” and when I lived there, albeit in the suburbs, that was largely true. I moved from Illinois 15 years ago. From what I see, Chicago no longer works as well. I offer no comment on why this might be so.

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