How NOT to be a Good Samaritan

good samaritan

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7 thoughts on “How NOT to be a Good Samaritan

  1. Yeah having insurance would’ve helped this guy find a preventative cause for his dehydration and made sure he had the medicine he needed. As the parable goes there are many that passed him by, luckily Obama stopped and helped millions get insured.

  2. AD 30: Compulsory health insurance keeps you from getting robbed by thugs.
    AD 2014: Compulsory health insurance is just another means of getting robbed by thugs.

  3. “luckily Obama stopped and helped millions get insured.”

    Unfortunately, first he made sure that millions lost their insurance.

  4. Id want to go find the robbers and discover what happened in their childhood that drove them to a life of crime. Then use “public money” to create programs to address the root causes of those problems. I’m sure study groups, experts, concerned citizens, and coalitions of existing organizations could pull together and eliminate such suffering,

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