Hearing and Heeding the Words of the Lord Through His Prophets

I know there has been some backlash from a few of the talks given at General Conference over the weekend, specifically the talk on the Family Proclamation given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the 12. I’ll just say this, it saddens me to see the level of vitriol aimed at him from those who preach tolerance and love ad nauseum. If you’ve engaged in this, stop it today. I came across this wise council from Elder David A. Bednar last night and it was very comforting to me.

“The Savior declared, “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” (D&C 1:38). May we hear and heed the eternal truths taught by the Lord’s authorized representatives. As we do so, I promise our faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be fortified, and we will receive spiritual guidance and protection for our specific circumstances and needs.”

There were things I heard from the Conference that have made me squirm in my seat a bit — but not because I thought the messenger was trying to be hateful or mean to me and my particular circumstance. It’s because I knew those words were true. Nephi teaches us in the Book of Mormon that the guilty take the truth to be hard. And we’re all guilty of something. I know there are areas I need to work on in my life. Change is hard — but I felt the nudge from this weekend. Giving up our ideas for God’s better ideas and way, is hard. It means sacrificing our wants and our agenda. It might mean finding new friends, living life differently and breaking old and comfortable habits. However, if we don’t do those things, we don’t grow and improve. That’s the whole point of this mortal existence — to grow, to improve, to learn, to come back to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

What Elder Bednar has said, is true, particularly this last part, “We will receive spiritual guidance and protection for our specific circumstances and needs” Hear, and heed — those are your action verbs! Then take it to the Lord. He does know you, and all of us, and will help us in a way that’s best for us. This is where we put faith into action and trust. The question of the day is this, “Dear Lord, how do I apply this council, from a prophet of God to my life? Please help me to go and do the things You have commanded.”

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5 thoughts on “Hearing and Heeding the Words of the Lord Through His Prophets

  1. My daughter proclaimed that this was her favorite general conference ever.

    I felt that the speakers advocated their subjects extremely well. As for Elder Oaks, I appreciated the precision he brings to every topic he addresses, and I felt he articulated the Church’s position quite well.

    Time will tell with regards to today’s outrage.

    I am reminded of the outrage of Thomas Sharp and company. Allegedly they wished to destroy the Nauvoo temple in order to guarantee that the Mormons never had a reason to return. They planned to build a huge anti-Mormon monument on the river as a beacon proclaiming that Mormons were not ever to return. Instead, no such monument was ever constructed. The Nauvoo temple has been reconstructed and draws the faithful from near and far.

    As to Thomas Sharp’s hopes, Warsaw has unfortunately become a marginal backwater. The offices where the Warsaw Signal printed its flames is now derelict and was recently sold for less than $1000. I hear the owner intents to raze the building and build a park.

  2. The tolerance and love preached from the great and spacious building is a one way street. But that is nothing new. It has always been that way.

    Since man came to existence, there have always been those who have claimed offence or chafed at the words of the prophets. Adam, Noah, Lehi, Nephi, Jacob, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young all experienced this. Today is unique in the sense that one person who bristles at the words of the prophets can reach thousands or millions of people via social media.

    The advice from Bednar is spot on as is the advice from Uchtdorf during the woman’s session of conference a few weeks ago:

    “Dear sisters, dear friends, if you find it difficult to hold fast to the iron rod and walk steadfastly toward salvation; if the laughter and ridicule of others who seem so confident cause you to waver; if you are troubled by unanswered questions or doctrines you don’t understand yet; if you feel saddened because of disappointments, I urge you to remember Lehi’s dream.

    Stay on the path!

    Never let go of the rod of iron—the word of God!

    And when anyone tries to make you ashamed for partaking of the love of God, ignore them.

    Never forget you are a child of God; rich blessings are in store; if you can learn to do His will, you’ll live with Him once more!7

    The promises of praise and acceptance by the world are unreliable, untrue, and unsatisfying. God’s promises are sure, true, and joyful—now and forever.

    I invite you to consider religion and faith from a higher perspective. Nothing offered in the great and spacious building can compare with the fruit of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

  3. I agree with the post 100%. I love Nephi’s quote, it is true of any human who is imperfect.

    I was certain people would complain about Elder Oaks and others talks. Rarely was a prophet not cursed at, persecuted, or villified for teaching the Gospel and speaking for the Lord.

    My assumption is the complaints comes from those hoping the Church would relent and accept current trends as normal and non-sinful.

    As an asside, I read the Book of Mormon this morning and felt such a joy for the pure teachings in the book. I read in 2 Nephi 9 and, after prayer, was amazed at how Jacob explains the Plan of Salvation in vv. 6-16. I am so grateful for having this book in my life.

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