Happy new year, let’s hope the legacy media does a better job in 2022

If you are wondering why Joe Rogan has 10 times the listeners/viewers compared to the average legacy media show, this may help explain it. And while Big Tech continues to censor truth-tellers, veracity will get out to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

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4 thoughts on “Happy new year, let’s hope the legacy media does a better job in 2022

  1. What about the “ivermectin is just horse medicine” hoax?

    And don’t forget the “Rupared” (selectively edited) video hoaxes:

    Covington kids hoax.
    Drinking bleach hoax.
    “Fine people” hoax.

  2. My other favorites: there won’t be vaccine passports or mandates to go about your regular life. The teacher’s unions have been “fighting to keep schools open”.

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