Happening at BYU right now

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6 thoughts on “Happening at BYU right now

  1. And yet, a simple bottle of Guarana would do the trick and was qvailable at the Creamery for decades.

  2. I don’t get what the big deal is supposed to be. I dislike casual use of caffeine due to environmental concerns, and clearly use of hot drinks (interpreted as coffee and tea from the leaves of leaves of the Camellia sinensis shurb) are discouraged as part of the Word of Wisdom.

    Folks do realize that caffeinated beverages make one’s sweat more acrid? At least that has been my experience with certain people who were extremely fond of caffeinated beverages.

    From this post I’m inferring that caffeinated products are now being sold in BYU vending machines and stores?

  3. In other caffeinated soda news, did anybody else see that Jolt cola is coming back? Not to BYU, but in general?

  4. Yes, the game was finally up when a member of the First Presidency confessed to consuming large quantities of a “certain diet soda which shall remain nameless.”

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