Good news if you don’t like Glenn Beck

Some “Christians” don’t like him either. They don’t want him speaking at Christian Liberty University. His primary sin is that he’s a Mormon and cannot fully speak about the salvation that comes from Jesus Christ. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

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10 thoughts on “Good news if you don’t like Glenn Beck

  1. My favorite line:
    “While Beck presents many factual presentations on his popular FOX NEWS show, he should not be allowed to speak at a university that demands its students to believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.”

    Thanks for the laugh.

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  3. Well, apparently its just the one editorialist who has written that he doesn’t want Beck to speak. I wonder how far he takes this. I mean, if Joel Osteen was invited, would he object? Osteen doesn’t exactly preach the same Christian concepts that Jerry Fallwell does. Or how about Jimmy Carter? He is well known for not only espousing Christian views, but practicing them. Perhaps his political views aren’t OK?

    The problem with this kind of reaction is that it soon becomes very difficult to find anyone who agrees with your positions on every subject. It becomes silly very quickly.

  4. I’m with Kent, if you can’t find many speakers that closely match your views, it’s going to get pretty boring listening to the same person week after week. And I don’t consider this good news even though I think Beck is vile. I’d be fine with people protesting the speech because of his political view, I’m uncomfortable with the direction this is going.

  5. I wonder – does Liberty U. have a policy about admitting Latter-day Saints? (Bob Jones University, I know, won’t take Catholics, LDS, or any non-Christians.) If in fact they won’t take LDS students, then I’m sorry, Brother Beck should know better than to speak there. Doing so would show a great deal of contempt for his fellow Saints.

  6. John, I’m not sure about undergraduate admissions, but my understanding is that Liberty’s Seminary graduate school does not admit Mormons.

  7. I have the same question as Christopher.

    Anyways, I think that Liberty not wanting one as a speaker speaks highly of said person. Good for Brother Beck.

    I am aware of LDS people who have attended Liberty’s law school.

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