Going back to the temple

Our local temple in Fort Collins, Colorado will be open for appointment-only baptisms this month for the first time in 16 months or so. As soon as I got the email, I immediately signed up, and dozens of others had already made their appointments. I imagine there will be pent up demand to return to the temple for months, if not years.

I will be heading there in two weeks with my wife and two teenage sons. I can’t wait. I find myself thinking about it all of the time — when I first wake up I remind myself I will be able to go back to the temple again soon.

Sometimes we don’t realize the blessings of the restored gospel until we are reminded how important the ordinances and rituals really are. I find that the temple glow lasts several days after i go to the temple, and I am a calmer and happier person.

And, yes, we will be wearing masks to the temple, even though it may be one of the last places in northern Colorado where a mask is needed these days.

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2 thoughts on “Going back to the temple

  1. While in my neck of the woods, our local temple will soon be open to Phase 3. As soon as I find out appointments are open, I’m going to sign up SO fast. They’ve been in Phase 2b for several months, but I hear they’re booked out until August nevertheless.
    And yes, I will wear a mask – and happily – even if I don’t have to anywhere else, if it means I can participate in temple ordinances.

  2. Our ward’s youngest Deacons and (not) Beehive girls will be going down to the Albuquerque Temple this Saturday to do baptisms. We’re going to take our son on his own the following week.

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