General Conference – Sunday Afternoon

Presiding: President Monson
Conducting: President Uchtdorf

Prelude – Choir: He is Risen

Choir: My Redeemer Lives
Invocation: Elder S. Gilford Nielson
Choir: He Sent His Son

Elder Hales:

Because of the choices we made in the premortal existence, we have many blessings in this life. We chose then to follow Jesus, and we can now choose to make the same choice.

Spiritual liberty requires having religious freedom. We believe that all people should have the right to believe as he/she will without being attacked for it. Some are offended when we bring our religious faith into the public square, however those same people insist on freedom to express their own beliefs freely.  Such is turning into political intolerance towards people of faith. We need to work with others who believe as we do on important religious and belief concept.

Elder Pearson

Sometimes when we go through difficult times, we are encouraged to “hang in there”. “Hang in there” is not a doctrine of the gospel. Instead, we are to endure to the end.  Many of our struggles occur because we are not enduring, but instead are struggling with making the decision to obey.

We all go through difficult and dark times. It is during those times we must pray. By coming unto Christ, we have the hope to receive eternal life and live with our families forever.

Listening to those who do not believe in Christ will not help you find Him. Nor can one return from his mission, focus on video games and not expect to fall asleep spiritually.  Prayerfully begin to study the Book of Mormon and it will help you regain your testimony.

Elder Pino

Heavenly Father taught Adam and Eve the plan of redemption and then gave them commandments to follow. This is the process God uses to teach us. As we understand the gospel plan, we are able to make proper decisions and manage the trials of life. We should not make eternal decisions based on mortal concepts, but base our decisions on the great plan of happiness God has given us.

Elder Anderson

We celebrate Easter this day. However, we also can look forward to the great promise of the Lord’s Coming. As the Lord establishes his kingdom and work on earth, we can see how He works miracles in our own lives.  His 2nd Coming will be breathtaking. We know he will not come again in swaddling clothes, but come down from the heavens in great power and glory.

Elder Zeballos

Our main responsibilities in life is to seek our own salvation and the salvation of others. And not just regular salvation, but exaltation in God’s highest kingdom. We must do His will. We must learn, understand, accept and live the commandments according to His will.  The path is narrow that we’ve chosen to follow. Often we will go through trials and difficulties, which we do not understand why we must go through. But we do so with patience and faith in doing God’s will.

Choir: Tell me the stories of Jesus

Elder Sitati

We are here on this earth for certain purposes. The first purpose is so that we may gain a body. As part of this, God has given us the commandment to be fruitful and replenish the earth.

Prophets have encouraged us to enter into the temple and be sealed for eternity. We should not put this important commandment off simply to fulfill worldly goals. Nor should we place our standards for a companion so high that all prospects do not qualify.

Subduing the earth means to properly use the things of earth for the righteous benefit of God’s children. This includes gaining master over our own bodies, desires and wants. Many have turned themselves over to the will of the devil, who causes mankind to misuse the earth and ourselves.

Elder Nelson

The Sabbath was made for man as a delight, so we may rest from the struggles of daily life, and to gain spiritual rest.

I use to make lists of things I can and cannot do on Sunday. What we do and our attitude on the Sabbath denotes a sign between God and us. Later in my life I no longer needed to make long lists, but would just ask myself, “what kind of sign would this activity show the Lord?”

There are some wonderful things we can do on the Sabbath.  It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen family ties, and teach our children the gospel,  Nothing is better than intentional parenting. And as you teach the gospel, you will also learn more.

In paying tithes, we give 1/10th to the Lord. With Sabbath observance, we give one day in seven to the Lord as a sign of our faithfulness, and it increases our love for God.

Choir:  Lord, I would follow Thee

Benediction: Elder Aoyagi

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