General Conference open thread

Please add your thoughts on General Conference talks.

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23 thoughts on “General Conference open thread

  1. New temples: second Provo temple in the old tabernacle, Barraquilla, Colombia; Durban, South Africa; Star Valley, Wyoming; Kinshasa, Congo; Paris, France.

  2. Thanks Geoff. If he was late, he was probably out at a nursing home. Excellent conference so far. Elder Alonso: turns out we don’t need a planning meeting to go rescue someone.

  3. Pres Packer promises future generations that they will be able to have families and children if they are faithful. What did you read into that?

  4. The most important message there I think, Geoff, is to keep our horizons far into the future and to not think the Savior is coming next week and shut down our lives. You ask a great question though. Certainly he is counseling us to be faithful so as to be able to enjoy every blessing. It may continue to become more difficult to have large (or any traditional) families. We have 9 kids and it can be a challenge in many ways. Couldn’t keep it together without the Lord I think.

    Enjoy the rest of conference!

  5. President Monson was late, but I haven’t heard why. Great session, I particularly like the temple patron fund. Excellent!

  6. I apprecaite Elder Anderson’s remarks about family size. Some people just don’t get that some families can only have one or two kids, and that’s ok.

  7. Great talks in Priesthood session. Elder Holland set the pulpit on fire regarding missionary work. Young men need to prepare and go. We need tens of thousands more. And then he turned to the older brethren and said we need thousands of couples more.

    Pres Uchtdorf spoke on the Church welfare system and its main purposes: care for poor and needy, self reliance, service.

    Pres Monson spoke on standing up for being a Mormon, even if you have to stand alone.

  8. Here in Chile, the missionaries were getting home from the Priesthood Session near midnight.

    Isn’t it risky building a temple in the Congo? Last I heard Exxon employees were being kidnapped for ransom.

  9. Nobody can close a meeting with more grace and love than Pres. Monson. Another great conference.

    For those of you like me with children around making it difficult to watch all of conference, you can download conference on Itunes and listen to it. That is what I will be doing in the next week or so.

  10. MC – I apparently read the NY Times then… but only because the occasional article of religious influence or op/ed comes my way. It’s more likely in his discussions with the PR heads of the church that article came his way than he picks up the NY Times on a daily or even weekly basis.

  11. Well, it’s clear he reads the Wall Stree Journal, since he mentioned that by name.

    Wait – does this mean Rupert Murdoch has influence over the LDS church? 😉

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