Elder Ballard asks Church members to step up involvement for Prop. 8

According to this story, Elder Ballard in a broadcast last night asked Church members to step up involvement for the passage of Prop. 8.  The Salt Lake Tribune has a story with much more detail, pointing out that the broadcast also involved Elder Cook and L. Whitney Clayton and discussed how young people can use new media including, ahem, blogs to foster support for the Church’s position on Prop. 8. Volunteers are being encouraged to call family members and friends in California in support of Prop. 8. His call to action comes at a good time:  support for Prop 8 is growing. Church members’ efforts have to be a factor is helping people understand the issues involved.

M* urges its readers to visit the Protect Marriage web site to volunteer time and perhaps money for this effort. In addition, please visit the Church’s new web site on protecting marriage. The web site is a great resource for helping people understand this issue.  Please also note that there are similar measures on the ballot in Arizona and Florida as well.

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