Dear Hollywood, YOU created Donald Trump

Last night at the most recent “I Love Me, Aren’t I Wonderful?” Hollywood awards, Meryl Streep and others showed great disdain for Donald Trump and fly over nation’s America.

I would like to point out that it was Hollywood that created the Donald. Without Hollywood’s embrace and help, Trump would have been an unknown billionaire.

At his 2005 wedding to Melania, hundreds of celebrities showed up. This included liberals like, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, Gayle King, Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel, Chris Matthews, etc.

Trump was popular for cameos in lots of movies and tv shows, including, Sex in the City, Zoolander, Monk, Spin City, The Little Rascals movie, Home Alone 2, the Jeffersons, etc.

And the list of the liberal celebrities that jumped to play on Celebrity Apprentice include: Piers Morgan, Khloe Kardashian, Rod Blagojevich (former gov of Illinois), Lisa Rinna, Dionne Warwick, Clay Aiken, Debbie Gibson, Arsenio Hall, George Takei, Geraldo Rivera, etc.

So, if the country has elected a crude misogynistic racist, a large reason for it is because liberal Hollywood had no problems with snuggling up to him for decades, as long as he was a Democrat.

Perhaps Ms Streep and the others should look at themselves first, and just the friends they hang around with. After all, any regular person who put classified information on an unauthorized computer would be in prison. Any regular person who scammed contributors to a “charity” that paid for personal trips, hotels, etc., would be in jail. To snuggle with Hillary Clinton is just as bad as snuggling up to Trump. You created the corrupt Clintons and you created Trump. Deal with it.


*By the way, I have long been  Never Trump/Never Clinton. I voted Libertarian, and speak out at which ever side is doing wrong.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, YOU created Donald Trump

  1. Yeah, I voted third party as well. But I gotta say that, not only did they create Trump by snuggling up to him as a celebrity, they also empowered him by spewing forth their contempt for the average conservative, labeling him a racist misogynistic homophobe. People didn’t vote for Trump because they’re racist so much as because they’re tired of being labeled as racists.

  2. Rameumptom, good points. However, before the messenger is shot, I think it is good to validate the message if it is accurate regardless of where it originated. I wouldn’t want to give a pass to Trump just because a hypocritical group voiced the charge against him.

  3. Rameumpton, methinks you do not live up to your name. Should you do so, you would be one of those “hollywierd” types!
    Otherwise, keep up the perceptive blogging!

  4. There was nothing about race in Ms. Streep’s speech, nothing about “fly-over States.” I can’t think why, since you did not vote for Mr. Trump, you could possibly think that any of her remarks about his behavior, were directed at you. I don’t agree that her speech showed disdain for PE Trump; MPR like horror and sorrow that mocking a disabled reporter in the most stomach-turning way is ok with a large segment of our fellow citizens. I don’t read this blog every day but I don’t recall any posts by you that were racist or bullying or cruel, so I very much doubt that Ms. Streep’s speech was directed at you.

  5. The mocking of a disabled reporter has been thoroughly debunked and discredited. It never happened; it was a creation of a hostile media. It is 100% fake news.

    I’m not going to do your homework for you, but look up the debunking yourself and evaluate the claims.

  6. Michael Towns, even Trump admits that he made those gestures and that the event happened; he states that he had a different motive: he was merely being descriptive, rather than mocking.

  7. And, lest you be concerned, I have looked at the so-called debunker. Not persuasive. I’m fairly immune to spin.

  8. Oh, I’m sure you are comprised of powerful spin antibodies. Nothing fools you, right?

  9. So true. Hollywood did create Trump. The kicker is not his message (populist) as much as Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Their vulgar, sex-crazed industry never had a problem with locker room buffoonery like Trumps. (He’s a virtual amateur when compared to their paragons of virtue.) And now their a bunch of prudish Victorians? The Republican party wasn’t cutting. Evolve or die. To the Republican elites shock the voters moved on. Apparently it wasn’t only the Dems that could change the game win.

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