4 thoughts on “D&C Gospel Doctrine lesson 2

  1. Rame, when I click on the link it says the page does not exist. I’ll be teaching this lesson next Sunday and I’m not a fan of topic based D&C so I’m looking for help.

  2. Geoff thanks for the new link. I only wish that Mike Parker’s notes were helpful, unlike in years past, this year’s D&C approaches the book thematically and not chronologically as Mike will be doing. Lesson #2 is really only tangentially about the D&C (much like the last decade of RS/Priesthood has only been tangentially about the lives of the prophets). Yes, Mormons believe in Christ, and if we spend a whole hour following a scripture chain of individual verses from scattered sections of the D&C that say it then I guess we will conclude that not only do we believe in Christ but we really, really, really believe in Christ.

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