Conference coming up: ideas to keep two young wild boys occupied

With conference coming up, my wife and I inevitably turn our thoughts to: how we will watch more than five minutes at a time while trying to keep our two young boys from destroying the house? It is worth pointing out that my older girls were very calm and easy to deal with during conference weekends. I could give them coloring books, and they would calmly color. I could ask them to draw the person talking. They would each spend an hour doing that.

My boys are incapable of sitting still for more than 10 seconds. And if you let them wander the house unsupervised, we may end up with major damage that will not be covered by the insurance.

I am open to suggestions and stories from those similarly afflicted.

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15 thoughts on “Conference coming up: ideas to keep two young wild boys occupied

  1. Have them build a fort (before conference) and pretend that they are the people during King Benjamin’s time getting ready to hear King Benjamin speak. Then they can be in the fort working on activities and such. My boys thought it was a lot of fun.

  2. I make activity packets for my boys (I have three ages 6, 4, and 2) with coloring pages, and actvities to do.

    I also have projects to do with them, like making prophet puppets, or making a Liahona with them, something like that while we watch/listen to conference on the computer.

    Also we make a special treat, like cinnamon rolls or cinnamon crumble cake with fruit and milk to eat only during conference. Between these things we do pretty well at getting some of conference and I think the best lesson is teaching your kids to be there and try and make time to listen to the prophet.

    Also we do a FHE the monday before getting the boys excited about it. (but you could still do this even though monday has passed) I understand crazy boys like I said we have three two being hyper active, and I am due with our 4th boy any day.

    here are a couple sites that I love for coloring pages ideas, the first has a Jr. packet great for young kids.

    here is another one, more for older kids, but they have a cool “coloring tie” page and lots of other coloring pages.

    Last year I cut out and make prophet flash cards with my boys during conference. They also have those on the site under the friend, and then conference activities. Here is a link.

    good luck happy listening!

  3. No real advice, just my consolation. Boys are far different creatures than girls. We just turn the conference volume up loud and hope it sinks in by osmosis. The last thing I want to do is, turn them off of the spirit by forcing them to watch conference, all still and quiet like. My strategy worked with Tex and Piano Man. I have great hope for Flash.

  4. Mark Twain suggested putting such boys in a wooden barrel and feeding them through the bung hole. When they turn sixteen, seal up the bung hole.

  5. You will have a better weekend if you can let go of the idea of being able to enjoy Conference as a family in peace. That is a beautiful dream, but no activity packet is capable of delivering 8 hours of sitting quietly and not destroying anything. Just do as JA suggested and turn it up really loud. You might consider each taking a turn going alone to the Stake Center to fully take in a session. Good luck.

  6. E, I think at the end of the day we have decided to do exactly that. We will have conference on in two rooms and try to catch what we can. I think my wife will go to the chapel and watch Sunday morning by herself to get some peace. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  7. No boys at our house for conference today; just my girls. My big guys grew up and moved away. My little guy went camping with a friend. My the house is now quiet and peaceful. Kinda nice, but kinda sad.

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