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Excerpt: Spiritual leaders aren’t perfect.
Our spiritual leaders aren’t perfect.Simonds Ryder, a friend of Ezra Booth, was angry because his name was misspelled in a revelation given to Joseph Smith. Along with Booth, he set out to criticize and destroy the Church.
So powerful were these critics, that the Lord told Joseph and Sidney to pause the work of translating the Bible and go out and preach the gospel for a month to quell the growing tensions with non-members and members alike.
Booth had seen a miracle. He had been present when revelations were given to Joseph. Yet, these two men could not accept the idea that prophets are regular people, just like you and me, doing their best to serve the Lord.
Having served with several bishops and stake presidents over the years, I can assure you that such issues continue today. If there is a bishop or other leader out there that hasn’t offended at least one person, it is a rare thing. Our leaders do their best, but are asked to be instant experts in many things: finances, psychologist, judge, counselor, speaker, youth leader, etc.

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