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The saints were often not saintly. They were expected to consecrate their lands and possessions for the bishops to divide, The saints, then and now, still do not understand the concept of stewardship. We focus on getting gain and keeping our own possessions. Such refusal to continue in the Law of Consecration and the covenant, forced many New York saints to be forced off of their stewardships in Kirtland. In doing so, the Lord revoked many blessings promised to those who had consecrated their possessions and reneged on their covenant. Many of the Saints were sent on to Missouri, to establish themselves in the center city of Zion.
Of the issues discussed in these sections, missionary work, publishing the Church’s writings, the duties of the bishops and agents, and establishing a consecrated people in a consecrated land are foremost issues. All are related.
Missionary work would bring in converts, who would then be called on to consecrate themselves, some to go on missions, some to share their farmlands, some to move to Independence. All would have to meet with the bishop and his agent to deal with issues of the United Firm/Order.

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