Come Follow Me: 3 Nephi 20-25

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Excerpt:”Jesus provides the bread and wine to the Nephites. He administers to his twelve apostles, who then administered to the twelve groups of Nephites. As noted in previous lessons, while baptism sometimes seems like an individual ordinance and covenant, we see in the renewal of those covenants via the Sacrament that it is a communal experience. The people renew their covenants as a group. This is part and parcel of Christ’s desire to make them one people, by having them covenant together as one.Note that in this instance, Jesus blessed and gave the Sacrament to his Twelve, who were then commanded to bless the Sacrament and give it to the people. Here, Jesus is showing His Order. He does all things through his servants that is possible. While we seek God individually through prayer, study and meditation, there is a communal component to salvation that requires us to go through the proper chain that Christ has set forth.”

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