Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1

Lesson One of the 2012 Gospel Doctrine class on the Book of Mormon is now online.  While the manual discusses the Three Witnesses and modern background information on the Book of Mormon, I explain the environment and apostasy of Jerusalem and the temple in 600 BC.

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5 thoughts on “Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1

  1. I’m pondering how to do this lesson without putting up yet another drawing of an arch with the keystone there. Everybody in my ward has probably seen that a dozen times already.

  2. Don’t do a drawing. Build a life-size arch of stone, and have the members stand underneath it as you remove the keystone.

    Or, make some construction paper blocks, that build into an archway. Make several of these, and place the class in teams to see who can first build an archway. Then conveniently leave out the keystone in each puzzle. See how far they try to go without it….

    Of course, this is why I BLOG concerning the lesson, and don’t teach it (except as a substitute). It allows me lots of leeway on how I’m going to treat the concepts. And if I were to teach it in Sunday School, I’d think long and hard about keeping it as simple as the lesson has it. You can only do so much with so little information, and keep them engaged.

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