Awake! Rejoice!

Merry, blessed Christmas! Here is a Christmas hymn written by my husband, Bryan.

King Benjamin 1

Awake! Awake!
. . The joyous tidings are revealed
. . The world’s creator come to earth
. . That sinners might be healed.
Then rise!
. . Declare in every tongue the Savior’s birth.

Alma the Younger 2

Prepare! Prepare!
. . The blessed day is drawing near.
. . The angels’ message shall be heard
. . By every willing ear.
Then turn!
. . Attune your hearts to listen for the Word.

Samuel the Lamanite 3

Attend! Attend!
. . The heavens swell and dance with light.
. . A star shall rise and men will fall
. . In wonder at the sight.
Then watch!
. . Await the signs, a witness unto all.

Nephi, son of Lehi 4

Behold! Behold!
. . A virgin bears a baby boy.
. . Celestial love is shed abroad
. . To pierce the soul with joy.
Then look!
. . And see the condescension of our God.

Nephi, grandson of Helaman 5

Rejoice! Rejoice!
. . The prophets’ anthems to fulfill,
. . This night the son comes to His own
. . And works the Father’s will.
Then sing!
. . Proclaim hosannas! Worship at His throne!


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