A survey about the biased gender survey

If you, like many of M*’s readers, found the recent gender survey being passed around very biased, you may find this one a bit better.

Take this this survey instead.

(This was sent to us by M* reader Sydney Bone, who said the following: “I created a survey about the methods used in the Mormon Gender Issues Survey, in a large part in response to your article about said survey. My survey provides a way to collect data on people who responded to the Mormon Gender Issues Survey on whether or not they felt the survey was biased. In the event that the Mormon Gender Issues Survey is used to spread false information about the church, it will be nice to have data about how many people expressed concerns about the survey methods. I would appreciate it if you could promote my survey to your readers.”)

10 thoughts on “A survey about the biased gender survey

  1. I think “their survey” will get more respondents.

    Here’s what I wrote for your survey to explain why I completed the MGI survey:
    I felt the survey was an interesting thought experiment, it posited a counter-factual world and asked for my opinion of it. It helped me to clarify how I felt about the issues it discussed/focused on.

  2. I completed it twice, but made it clear this was a second time and gave enough evidence that the could even figure out which response was my first, though I do presume they are logging IP addresses.

    The results page (which I thought was brilliant) doesn’t include questions for some of the parts. It would be nice were that to be fixed.

  3. Also, the results page needs tweaking, as the results of all of the “1 to 5” questions don’t identify the questions asked, just that there was a ranking of 1 to 5.

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