A Lenten Personal Progress – Day 1

value-virtueA few years ago I developed a plan for completing the Personal Progress value experiences in 46 days – the time if one were to start on Ash Wednesday and end on Easter Sunday, or if one were to start on Martinmas (11 Nov) and end on Boxing Day (Dec 26).

This is a rigorous schedule, and I’m challenging myself to complete this over the next 46 days. If I succeed, the value experiences will be complete by July 11 (the Sunday before my stake holds their Trek Youth Conference, in which I will be participating).

For those not familiar with Personal Progress, it is a program of study and experiences designed for young women aged 12-18. Upon successful completion, the young woman is awarded the Young Womanhood Recognition Award – a similar achievement to the Eagle Scout award.[ref]I originally earned the Young Womanhood Recognition Award in 1980, but the program has evolved significantly since that time.[/ref] The program may also be completed by women supporting a young woman, such as a mother, sister, or teacher.

Eight values are explored in the course of Personal Progress:

  • Faith (white)
  • Divine Nature (blue)
  • Individual Worth (red)
  • Knowledge (green)
  • Choice and Accountability (orange)
  • Good Works (yellow)
  • Integrity (purple)
  • Virtue (gold)

The values are explored by completing a series of experiences that involve scripture study and some sort of activity related to the topic of the scripture study. In addition to these experiences, the individual is to complete a project related to the value that involves at least 10 hours of effort.




The Virtue Value Project is reading the Book of Mormon, so I will also be doing that over the course of this ad hoc Lenten Personal Progress pilgrimage.

Day 1 (Wednesday)

flower-virtueBook of Mormon: Read 1 Nephi 1-7: Lehi flees Jerusalem, with his sons returning to Jerusalem twice, first to fetch the sacred record and genealogies on the Brass Plates, and a second time to gather the family of Ishmael.

flower-virtueStart and complete Virtue 1: “The power to create mortal life is an exalted power God has given His children. He has commanded that this power be used only between a man and a woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife…”

flower-integrityBegin Integrity 1: Record appropriate standards for behavior, dress, and conversation, as well as literature, movies, television, Internet, music, cell phones, and other media. write your plan to be worthy to attend the temple.

Remember to:

  • Keep your standards (day 1 of 31)
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