2021 BYU Women’s Conference

Hey there, just coming up for air from the homeschool/crisis schooling/pandemic trenches to fill everyone in on this year’s BYU Women’s Conference.

This year’s Conference will be fully online. There are sessions that are “complementary” meaning you do not have to register to watch them, and sessions that will be behind a paywall. The keynote speaker this year is our favorite and most loved Sherri Dew. Right now her talk is available to be viewed in front of the paywall until April 29th, after which, you have to have a Conference ticket to view.

Click over to the BYU Women’s Conference site HERE, to see Sister Dew’s talk (on the right sidebar in a very tiny player), and to find out more about this year’s Conference.

I know you are praying as much as me that next our faces will be free, the Covid Wars will be over, and we can all enjoy a BYU brownie on campus and enjoy Women’s Conference together, in person.

Follow Women’s Conference on Facebook HERE.

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2 thoughts on “2021 BYU Women’s Conference

  1. Geoff, that’s great to know. Does she ever make the trek to Utah to attend in person? I do every few years. I always end up meeting so many friends and new people every year. In fact, last time I was there, a former mission comp who follows my instagram tracked me with my hashtags. We met up, after not seeing each other for 15 years. Then at that same conference, another sister who I served with saw me across a room of people and screamed out my Bulgarian name. I remember thinking, “Who in the world knows me by that name?” A mission friend.

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