10 Great Mormon Blogs Not Getting Noticed

When a Latter-day Saint who has a testimony goes on the Internet it is hard to navigate the good, the not as good, the bad, and the plain evil. Another is the abundance of choices for reading. Aggregators, that gather a collection of blogs, are helpful. Yet, they can’t contain all the blogs that exist. Sometimes a few fly under the radar. Even those contained in lists can be overlooked.

Almost all of the following blogs cannot as of this writing be found on any of the big aggregators such as Mormon Archipelago or Nothing Wavering, unless noted. The meaning of “not getting noticed” is the larger Mormon blogosphere seems to not be talking about or commenting on the blogs, although they can have their own following. My listing of them is because of my opinion they have some great content that M* readers would enjoy. All of them are active as of this month, although they could go inactivate at any time. For the moment they seem stable and deserve to have support.

This Week at Church
One of the more unique blogs out there because he chronicles what he learns during worship service. It doesn’t go very deep into gospel topics, but the notes are still of good quality for pondering.

Little LDS Ideas
A very creative blog for helping out Church lessons. The about page states, “My blog is a place where I go to share all of my little ideas. They’re nothing special, but I love sharing them and I hope you enjoy them.”

A Study of the Book of Mormon
This blog has been around since 1999, and yet very few comments. The insights are worthy of giving it a good read. He says, “I bring to my study this time the experience of a father of five children, a degree in film studies, several years of freelance new media work, and the experience of being a faithfully committed marriage partner.”

The Journal of a Black Mormon Girl
Deeply personal, yet a wonderful read for its poignancy and Faith. She says, ” I want the world to know that I am not ashamed of that which guides me to be a better person and that which leads me to Christ.”

LDS Doctrine
The name may not be different from others that can be found online, but it has great discussions. How this one has been missed from others has to be a matter of wanting to be low key.

We Talk of christ, We Rejoice in Christ
Her profile says, “My purpose in writing is that every time you visit my blog you will read something that strengthens your family, builds your faith, and brings you closer to Christ!” It appears to have more than one contributor, but the writing from them is worthwhile.

Women in the Scriptures
Apparently this is a blog for a published author who writes about women found in the Scriptures. She does have a following of her own, but I never heard of her or the blog until recently. Well worth the visit.

Benjamin the Scribe
*listed on Mormon Archipelago.
Learning the gospel doctrine lessons has never been so in-depth and enlightning. A few commentators are familiar to the bloggernacle, but still not high traffic.

Enigmatic Mirror
Not as prolific or noticed as Dan Peterson’s Sic et Non, but William Hamblin is just as much a legend in Mormon apologetics.

*listed on Mormon Archipelago.
One of my favorite blogs out there that has few participants. The only one I have ever seen respectful non-Mormons reply and adding to my appreciation of the blog. He has opinions without sounding opinionated, and clearly his faith is strong.

15 thoughts on “10 Great Mormon Blogs Not Getting Noticed

  1. Heather, the author of Women in the Scriptures is amazing, and so is her blog. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Benjamin the Scribe is my friend Ben Spackman, who is a member of FAIR and sometimes writes for Interpreter, etc. Great guy with some great ideas.

  3. Ben S, I do see you on the list. My cursory examination missed it when I checked. Still worth mentioning to me, so good work. If anyone knows of blogs that should get more attention and don’t, feel free to add to the above. Also, I would encourage anyone to leave a comment on them.

  4. I love both Jocelyn’s blog (We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ) and Heather’s blog (Women in the Scriptures) and have followed them for years! Both are great women who are truly spreading the gospel online.

    Jocelyn is my partner in crime with our annual blog event to Celebrate the Family Proclamation each September (going on now – how’s that for a plug?) In fact Sheena, from Little LDS Ideas, has written a guest post for the celebration. Her post will publish this Thursday.

  5. Thanks for the plugs – like many, I’m usually in a crunch for time so being directed towards faithful LDS blogs is great.

  6. Surprised Hamblin’s, Gee’s and Peterson’s blogs aren’t on the Mormon Archipelago. Is it still being updated? That’s where I used to go to find new blogs, but of late I’ve been adding a lot to my rss aggregator that aren’t on the main web aggregators of LDS content.

  7. I don’t know how often either is updated. I’ve submitted to both a couple of times and not heard back from either. That’s part of why I keep reading blogs; sometimes click through will get me over that hump of more than 10 readers a month. 😉

  8. If I may make a tangent on blog aggregators, Dr. Frank Bruno, who ran the Mormon blog aggregator at http://mormonblogosphere.blogspot.com/ passed away earlier this year at age 59, http://www.lindquistmortuary.com/notices/Frank-Bruno

    He was a prolific blogger: https://www.blogger.com/profile/18061544604584544836

    I lost count, but I think all 8 of their (he was married to the blogger known as Bored in Vernal) went on missions.

    He authored at least one book that is online. And I found hundreds of his papers archived at BYU.

  9. Thanks for adding me to the list. I’ve actually only been blogging my personal scripture study since December 2007. It was at the invitation of Elder Ballard at a commencement address given at BYU-H, I think. My blog goes back to 1999 because I’ve recently started archiving on my blog past scripture studies that were written by hand and only kept on paper. Moving to the blog format makes all these years of personal studies way more easy to search and reference by topic.

    I’ve done little to promote it though, because, well, it’s my personal studies. Those that are looking for and needing what I have to share will find it. Other than that, I’m good with being overlooked. Thanks for the tip of the hat, though. It’s appreciated!

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