Bodies For Sale! Teaching Modesty

50PercentOff“…Everyone is selling something,” I said as I talked to a young girl one evening.

Her mother had just made a comment about how the outfit the girl was wearing was “too revealing” and so she would need to go change it. The fifteen year old girl tilted her hip and rolled her eyes as she smirked at her mom. This smile meant, “I don’t care what you say. I like this outfit and I’m not changing it.” Continue reading

Efficiency Disease & Dealing With Stress

REMEMBER-1What is Efficiency?

At this time of year we set goals. We resolve to change our ways and become better than we are. The most common resolutions usually have something to do with time or body size. I don’t know how many times I have resolved to get up earlier, or get up earlier to regularly exercise. Likewise, I don’t know how many mothers I have heard say things like, “This year we are going to be more efficient at bedtime.” or “This year I will be more efficient at dinner time.” Then these parents produce a list of things they are going to do at home to make life better. Continue reading

Home Made Chrsitmas Gifts for Kids

CarMat1Over the years we have had a variety of Christmases. Some years we have had more money than other years, but no matter the income we have always felt like we wanted to give our children something which would encourage them to be creative. To create stories.

Stories are the bud of genius. They are the spring of inspiration. A good story told by a loving parent or grandparent has the ability to change the heart of a young person forever. Continue reading

Children Need Sleep!~Getting Them To Bed Happy

When the end of the day comes I find myself looking forward to bedtime. My bedtime is always exciting to anticipate since all my days are usually purpose-filled and very busy. However, I also look forward to the time the children go to bed each night. I love my children, and our days are filled with joy and laughter, but that quiet time after they have gone to bed, and before I go to bed is a great treat too. The quiet times to think, ponder, write and read are some of the treasured moments of my days as well.

Continue reading