My Secret Identity

In the classic Superman movie series (Superman 3), starring Christopher Reeve, we find that Superman is contaminated by some Kryptonite.  In an interesting scene, the evil Superman lands in an auto junkyard, screams, and then has his alter-ego, Clark Kent, emerge.  The two duke it out, until the real Man of Steel, his true identity, wins.

Today, we find people struggling with their true identities.  Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn.  Rachel Dolezal insists she is African American, though her white parents dispute it Continue reading

The First LDS Online Election Poll

Here’s an early poll, so we can see who in the Bloggernacle people are most interested in voting for.  You can vote for more than one person. Only select those you actually like as a candidate.  Do not vote for someone you would vote for only under duress. Poll closes in a week.

D&C 76 and the Telestial Kingdom, a Different Reading.

On Facebook, I’ve been in a discussion with several in regards to Pres Uchtdorf’s talk on Grace.  The discussion evolved into a disagreement on those who receive the Telestial Kingdom, whether they inherit salvation, are forgiven for their sins, etc.  I was surprised at the wide variety of views given regarding it.

So, I went back to D&C 76 to do a hard look at what it says, and to question our basic interpretation.  Here are some of my thoughts and questions. I hope you will share your additional thoughts in the comments Continue reading

What were your favorite Gen Conf talks, and why?

There were some very poignant and pointed talks in General Conference. Some talked about overcoming doubts, while others spoke of being patient with those who struggle with doubts. Some spoke of the Sabbath and the Fast, while others spoke other commandments, prayer, and obedience.

Three new temples were announced, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Thailand. How do you feel about temples being built in two of the poorest nations on earth?

For me, there were many very good talks.  But two stood out.

Elder Holland once told me years ago that we should be setting our pulpits ablaze. Sunday morning, he showed us how exactly to do that. Beginning with a powerful story of life and near death, he brought us in.  Then he related the story to our relationship with Christ. Since the Fall of Adam and Eve (and you’ll note he left the door open for an ancient earth), we have been in free fall. We cannot save ourselves, for there is nothing for us to grab onto along the ledge. Only a brave brother stepping forth and grabbing us could keep us from falling into the endless abyss.

Immediately afterward, Pres Uchtdorf spoke clearly and authoritatively on a topic that I’ve waited decades for an official talk on: Grace.  We cannot save ourselves. We are unprofitable servants, even if we could keep all the commandments. We are condemned to hell and death, as no unclean thing can enter God’s presence. Christ’s atonement and grace pays for everything.  And we are “saved after all we can do” does not mean we earn our salvation, but that the only thing we can do is “come unto Christ and be reconciled to Him.”  All we can do is believe and repent and love our Lord. Our obedience then becomes an outward symbol of our inner faith.  We do not believe in “cheap grace”, because Christ paid a heavy price for that grace. He opened the gates and windows of heaven. The gates are open to anyone who will believe in Christ and repent. Exaltation becomes a gift of grace to those who embrace the totality of Christ’s grace. God also sends blessings down upon all his children in this life, opening the windows of heaven and shedding forth His grace.

These two talks will change the discourse we have in our homes, families, friends, classes, and with our non-LDS friends.

Which talks moved you the most, and why?