The Temple: A place of guidance and revelation

Mormon Salt Lake City Temple Some years ago, my wife and I were in Salt Lake City and decided to attend an endowment session at the Salt Lake Temple. Not being familiar with the layout of temple, we found ourselves lost inside of the temple annex.

Looking around for someone to assist us, I noticed a brother dressed in a white suit wearing a name tag. I looked at his name tag and noted he was an emeritus member of the Seventy, whose name I have since forgotten.

He came over to my wife and me and asked how he could help us. I mentioned that we were from out of town and needed directions to the locker rooms.

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Mormons and Mosques

The so-called Ground-Zero Mosque is getting a lot of press lately, and it appears that the majority of Americans oppose building the mosque mere blocks away from Ground Zero.

Kent Larsen, over at Times & Seasons, posted a thoughtful write-up explaining that Latter-Day Saints should carefully examine their positions on the mosque because of potential impact on building future temples.

I happen to agree with Kent on this issue and on many points of his post, but can think of another reason why Latter-Day Saints should examine their opposition to the mosque- the 11th Article of Faith. Continue reading

The dedication of The Gila Valley Temple

This afternoon I had the privilege of attending, with my wife, the dedicatory services of The Gila Valley Temple at our local stake center.

As we approached the meetinghouse, a special spirit washed over me as I presented my temple recommend and passed through the doors into the stake center, which was now an extension of the Lord’s Holy House.

Adorning the walls, easels, and tables were pictures of the Savior, various Latter-Day temples, and beautiful flower arrangements. The Spirit of the Lord was palpable as we walked to our seats. A quiet reverence permeated the chapel and adjoining overflow area.

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Preparing for General Conference

In a few short days, Latter-Day Saints from around the world will assemble in various locations for the 180th Annual General Conference of the Church.

For my family, part of the preparation for General Conference involves finding suitable activities for our young children to do during Conference. The Friend magazine and online site is an excellent resource for such activities. As most parents with young children will attest to, keeping small children occupied during Conference is a challenging and sometimes daunting task. My wife and I find that providing snacks for our children during sessions is also a good way to keep them occupied and happy. For those attending Conference in meetinghouses, consider bringing snacks like fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks. These are generally easy to pack and do not create a mess. Some stakes set-up a television in the Primary or Relief Society room where parents with small children can watch Conference, without distracting others.

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