West African Mormon Missionaries Sing Called To Serve

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A few years ago my brother, Ben, visited Ghana to do some research into how music, drums, and rhythm are used in traditional practices and shamanism. While he was there he shot a lot of video and during part of the visit he got to go teach with some of the missionaries there.

Even though it’s been a while, he recently rediscovered this video he shot of a couple of Mormon missionaries from West Africa singing the LDS missionary anthem, “Called to Serve” and he just put it up on YouTube.

With all of the potential pop-cultural misperceptions of Mormon missionaries resulting from the “Book of Mormon” Musical, I thought it would be useful to share a taste of real LDS missionaries in Africa.  Enjoy and share!

6 thoughts on “West African Mormon Missionaries Sing Called To Serve

  1. I think we would have sang it that way in the MTC, I would have actually liked singing that song.

  2. Very nice rhythm! This helped impress upon my mind that the Fathers work is pressing forward in all the World. At times it is easy to get sealed in my local life and all that is going on now with me. These missionaries help bring the Fathers plan and the world wide nature of this work into perspective. Thank you!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! They sing it with such spirit and heart. As Ryan says, we get locked up in our own little worlds and forget that Heavenly Father loves ALL of His children and His Plan belongs to all of us. Thanks for reminding me, too.

  4. these elders have wonderful voices ! i like the beat they have for this song…i feel the missionaries should sing this song this style in the mtc…will get them moving !! 😉

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