Teenagers vs. Youth: “I am Not a Teenager!”

If you are tired of teenage attitudes and problems this is something you will want to know.  http://www.iamnotateenager.com/has a free book preview written by youth for teens. The book shows teenagers there is a different way to be.  They can be “youth” instead.  There is a difference. 

Have you noticed that the brethern of the church refer to people ages 12- 18 as “youth” or “young men and  young women?”  They don’t call the “young adults” teenagers.  Teenagers are a different kind of person than a youth.  Youth want adult responsibilites and strive to live adult like.  They value family relationships and are engaged in purpose filled learning.  Teenagers want the “perks” of being older, but don’t want the responsibilities or the study. 

Each week I teach a class for youth ages 12-16 with my good friend Angela Baker.  In this class we create an active scholar environment, which means we are not stuck to a schedule of what has to happen each week.  We follow the flow of energy in the group discussions and act on what needs to come next. 

A number of weeks ago we were discussing an article called The Myth of the Teenager by: Dr. Michael Platt when one of the youth said, “I’m not a teenager and here’s why…” 

At that point the lively discussion got even more lively and even more personal.  I suggested that the things the youth were saying would be worth writing down.  So, at that minute, we stopped and started writing.  We all wrote more; and are still writing.  The discussion turned into a book.  The book is written by sixteen youth and their two mentors.  It is called I am Not a Teenager.

Even though the book is not done yet the youth are offering a preview of it on the website they have created called http://www.iamnotateenager.com/

Go there today and get a free preview of what they are working on to strengthen young people and parents around the world. 

Nicholeen Peck is the author of Parenting A House United, star of BBCs World’s Strictest Parents –Utah, and popular international public speaker on parenting, family culture, and education.  Her blog is http://teachingselfgovernment.com