Success Strategies ~ Respecting Parents

There are certain skills I teach my children for successful communication in my home.  Two of the main skills are Following Instructions and Accepting No Answers.  These are two of the basic skills for showing respect to parents and for learning how to respect any authority, even God.  People who can’t do these basic skills are very noticeable in society. 

However, learning these skills takes lots of practice and really goes against our selfish tendency to disconnect and Continue reading

Frustration When Friends Are Over -Working Out Disagreements

     One day my daughter had one of her best friends over to play while her mom and I visited upstairs. They had only been playing for about 45 minutes when her friend came up from the basement in tears to see her mother. She and my daughter were having a hard time and neither of them felt understood by the other.

     My friend tried to comfort her daughter and give her suggestions on solving the problem but her daughter said, “Mom, I tried to talk to her about it but she won’t listen to me.”

      Clearly these girls did not know how to handle this situation alone so I knew that Continue reading