Never Happier to be Wrong

This post is long over due.

I have officially lost my bet to Seth R. and Romney is going to be the Republican candidate.

I have never been happier to be wrong about Gingrich. And may this actually be the start of a new relationship between Evangelicals and Mormons.

4 thoughts on “Never Happier to be Wrong

  1. Bruce, from what I have seen the only difference is they are less likely to publically say what they think or how they feel. I suppose that is an improvement.

  2. I am also quite certain that you lost a bet with me on something. When I think of what it could be, I will let you know.

    Btw, what will become of Gingrich’s moon colonies now that he is no longer running for president?

  3. Maybe Gingrich’s moon colony thing will have to be rethought, now that it is believed that moon dust is likely toxic to humans.

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