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The following post comes to you from our friends at Mormon Channel. We invite you to learn more about Mormon Channel and the content that is available for members and friends of the Church on Mormon Channel.

Maybe you’ve heard of Mormon Channel, maybe you’ve seen a Mormon Channel video posted by a friend of yours on Facebook, or maybe this is your first time hearing about Mormon Channel. No matter which category you fall into, do you really know what Mormon Channel is?

If your answer is no, then here’s everything you need to know about what Mormon Channel is and all that it offers its audience.

Mormon Channel is the official media channel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It originates from Salt Lake City, Utah, and all content comes from the Church’s archives and new series produced explicitly for this channel.

Mormon Channel first launched its radio station in 2009, and since then, it has grown to deliver so much more than a radio stream. Today, this media channel provides access to uplifting and informative videos, music and radio streams, audio programs, and blog posts. Mormon Channel also has a mobile app, giving you uplifting content on the go. The most frequently used and viewed features of Mormon Channel are its app, videos, and blog posts.

Mormon Channel Mobile App

The goal of this mobile app is to provide inspiring audio, video, and other media to users whenever and wherever they need it, helping people locate multimedia materials for their gospel studies. Users have access to a 24-hour music and live talk radio stream, also available in Spanish, as well as scriptures, general conferences, video series, and more. Under the app, you also have access to photos that you can download for free and use as the wallpaper for your smartphone or tablet. The Mormon Channel app is available for free download on all iOS and Android devices.

Mormon Channel Videos

Mormon Channel offers seven sections of videos: Series, Collections, Mormon Messages, Bible Videos, Happy Families, His Grace, and Give Back. Videos under the Series section include Old Testament stories, New Testament stories, Book of Mormon Stores, Doctrine and Covenants stories, young adult devotionals, “I’m A Mormon” videos, and more. Under the Collections video section you’ll find Christmas videos, Easter videos, children’s videos, TV ads, introduction videos about the Church, various “Come Follow Me” videos, and more. There are currently more than 120 Mormon Messages videos, which are just short videos provided by the LDS Church. The Bible Videos have nearly 100 episodes, recounting various events, parables, and other beloved stories from the Bible. Happy Families has short videos highlighting different Mormon families and showing what it takes to make and keep your family happy. Videos in the His Grace section take from the life and experiences of people who have faced and overcome trials through the help of a loving, grace-filled Lord. The final section, Give Back, holds videos showing different ways people give back to communities and people in need.

Mormon Channel Blog Posts

The Mormon Channel blog has only been around since October of 2014, but it is a great resource to those who love to read, learn, and be uplifted by others’ words. You’ll find posts discussing self-reliance, families, service, love, dating, prayer, and other inspirational topics. There are also Q&A and how-to articles.

Mormon Channel has grown and accomplished so much since it first began, and today it’s now one of the greatest resources for LDS members looking for helpful study materials and daily inspirational messages and for those curious to learn more about the LDS Church.

6 thoughts on “Mormon Channel 101

  1. Thanks Brian. It’s good to be informed, or reminded, of a source of upllifting media and messages.

  2. Cool stuff –

    I see there is nothing on the Mormon Channel blog about polygamy. Would there be interest in such a blog post on that forum? It seems a topic that has caused great anguish to a large number of people, and seeing it acknowledged on such a forum would be useful to some who are struggling, I believe.

  3. My favorite things on the Mormon Channel that I have accessed and subscribed to on iTunes are the Joseph Smith Papers, Past Impressions, Legacy, and Extreme Genes. The latter has to do with genealogy. The first three I believe stopped updating a long time ago but featured some excellent historians speaking candidly, especially “Past Impressions.” I don’t believe polygamy was one of the topics…but much excellent history on the Missouri wars, early Apostles, etc., etc., was done.

  4. Yes, but I do keep hearing about people who have decided to leave the Church over the recent polygamy fuss, so it seems it would be nice to have a post on that blog that effectively says something and lets people know it isn’t as simple as some people want to make it (e.g., the people who make short pithy comments on almost any major story involving Mormonism.

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