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This article in the SL Tribune discusses M* at length re: the recent public affairs interview. BCC also gets a mention but note the comparison in number of comments!! ((((: Rosalynde is quoted at length for her usual insightfulness. Thanks to the posters on this thread who brought this to my attention. It’s also worth pointing out that T&S, a much larger group blog, was kind to refer its readers to our blog rather than discussing it there, where it would have probably gotten more than 1000 comments.

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16 thoughts on “M* makes the big time

  1. Yes, Geoff, congrats! Apparently you “win.” We always knew you were more righteous, now we also know that you are gracious in victory. Way to go on hitting the big time.

  2. looks like the content has been removed from the website. oh well, it was fun while it lasted eh?

  3. Actually Steve, images aside, the discussion at M* is just more open, candid and useful to a reporter than your ban-happy blog.

    Steve EM
    Banned from BCC for comparing some un-named GAs to W.
    Perpetually banned from T&S for being alive.

  4. Steve Evans (#2), what a massive chip you have on your shoulder. For the record, BCC usually has many, many more comments on a typical day than M*. Please note the “((((:” That was meant to show it was simply a joke. Go in peace, my friend, no reason to pick fights over here.

  5. Steve EM

    I have been queued at bcc, t&s, fair and a few others. i have also been queued/edited/deleted and asked to leave m*, but by the grace of someone or something, i am back for more lashings.

  6. I certainly hope Tribune readers don’t come away from the article convinced that M* commenters have more insightful observations, collectively, than do BCC commenters. That would be a travesty of the first order.

    Also, why couldn’t Ms. Stack have identified those of us who posted by name? Was a quick, off-hand reference to “the ever-insightful, amazingly prolific, dazzlingly intellectual Bloggernacler Extraordinaire, Aaron B” really to much to ask? I want my 15 minutes, damn it!

    Aaron B

  7. ME,
    As someone who greatly appreciates your candid comments, I think M* is the best of the bigger blogs. While promoted as conservative, they are more tolerant of staight talkers than T&S and BCC. BCC is a farce in that they self promote as free thinkers and have somewhat “liberal” posts, but comment wise, only orthodox are welcome. I can see why the SLT reporter cited M* as indicative of what people were really thinking (on both sides) about the Oak’s Q&A.

  8. No SteveEM,

    Millenial Star simply got more comments. That’s all.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly how aware Ms. Stack is of the bloggernacle and if she checks it regularly…

  9. Anyone who hasn’t had comments deleted from Millennial Star should only take it as an indication of our laziness.

  10. Or busyness. . .

    Sometimes when comments get to 200+ not all comments get read.

  11. so, has anyone come up with a fun explanation for why the the original article said “interview” (which was clearly a tongue in cheek mockery of the pr created interview )and after it was put back online it said. “lds leaders discuss gay issue?”

    inquiring minds want to know. i heard it was because the majority of m* posters thought it was a real interview. and m* had more comments. is that true?

  12. I’m not sure there’s a significant difference. Just so you know lots of interviews are “softer” and more aimed at answering common questions. So on one side we have being interviewed by a hostile reporter on 60 Minutes and on the other being lobbed soft-balls by Larry King. The interview format is actually a fairly useful one for answering common questions.

  13. Peggy Fletcher Stack is D’s sister, and she is very aware of the bloggernacle.

    Congrats, Geoff! It is always fun to see one’s own creation mentioned in the paper. You post created a wonderful environment in which to discuss these issues. Thanks for moderating the discussion.

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